LL Cool J - Clap Your Hands

Walking With a Panther
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Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: LL Cool J
Альбом: Walking With a Panther
Длительность: 05:08
Размер: 12,06 Мб
Рейтинг: 521
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: T-Killaz
320 Кб/с

LL Cool J - Clap Your Hands

Текст песни "LL Cool J - Clap Your Hands"

[LL Cool J] Yeah.. Yeah I like that guitar man, yeah Yo E-Love I like the way you flipped that guitar man Knahmsayin? It was a good idea man, knahmsayin? Yeah It's kinda like freakin me, yaknahmsayin? I wanna get hype man, I wanna do this, yaknahmsayin? Just gon' chill, check it out Slick as Vasoline, smell good as cologne I'm like a muscle man in jail -- they leave me alone I rhyme like Superman, you rap like Jimmy Olson I break you like a bottle of green Golden Molson You ain't a real rhymer, you look like a actress How you gon' sleep on me holmes, do I look like a mattress? Am I that old, do I walk like Grady? I'ma hundred-fifty proof, Smirnoff is only 80 Don't you EVER try to rock my house I'm a real cool cat, know what I'm sayin Mickey Mouse? The poetry specialist, so take a dose of this Now think about it -- can you really come close to this? You soft as powder, weak as a cabin cooler Ugly as work shoes, messin with the Ruler: the ultimate writer reciter and def entertainer I work myself harder than a boxer's trainer [Chorus: LL Cool J] Clap your hands everybody (aiyyo) And everybody just clap your hands (aiyyo) Clap your hands everybody (aiyyo) And everybody just clap your hands (aiyyo) I said, clap your hands everybody (aiyyo) And everybody just clap your hands (aiyyo) Clap your hands everybody (aiyyo) And everybody just clap your hands (aiyyo) [LL Cool J] You end up, underneath my sneaker You're dog doo-doo, I'm watchin you get weaker You can't believe, the skill and dexterity LL Cool J, and the J is for Jeremy So BUFF ME, James Todd the earthquaker That's right my brother, you're goin out like Sega *censored* chewed, so whassup dude? One of my battles'll get your girlies in the mood Sucker MC's really make me sick I'm so bad, I can suck my own dick If you go to your girl's house and I'm there already Don't go Crazy cause my name ain't Eddie Rhymes so rough, it's like a course in trigonometry When Einstein was talkin, he was talkin bout ME The Prince of the Earth, and I'ma give birth to a rhyme so hard you look soft as a Smurf Gigglin and wigglin, so how we goin out? LOVELY, and that's without a doubt! [Chorus 3/4X] [LL Cool J] Rappers are my servants, they serve me like an emperor When I'm through, you'll need a nurse to take your temperature and cool you down, cause you're cold as leftovers Not the ones on the table, I'm talkin about RUFF rovers You can't get over -- what's my name, Goofy? You smoke I'm no joke, so my brother break out the looseys and take a pull, cause the buck stops here I get swift as a magician, wreck shit and dissapear Don't cross me, or lose your loyalty to the Prince of the Rap Court, I'm royalty And it ain't no puzzle, it's a shame how rappers guzzle paragraphs I put together so I carry a muzzle to shut em up and cut em up and make em be quiet I'm a one man RIOT, so don't even TRY IT The Prince of special tactics, plus I'm athletic Before you play your hand you better do some calisthetics Jumpin jacks, squats, push-ups, the whole nine Speak your piece, then I'ma go for mine And I guarantee you, I'm gonna strike again I recommend my friend you drop the pen and give in Cop out to one rhyme cause you're facin ten I ain't Sidney Poitier but we can 'Do This Again' I'm nice wit mines, and I gotta admit it You don't really wanna battle, why don'tcha just forget it! [Chorus 1/2] [LL Cool J] But if you're hard headed and you still don't understand Here's a little sample -- EHM EHM, my man (BRRRRRRRING) "Hello?" [cut n scratch "Cool J"] ".. takes everything you've got"
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