South Central Cartel - Drive Bye Homicide

N Gatz We Truss
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: South Central Cartel
Альбом: N Gatz We Truss
Длительность: 03:50
Размер: 4,39 Мб
Рейтинг: 569
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Ridah
160 Кб/с

South Central Cartel - Drive Bye Homicide

Текст песни "South Central Cartel - Drive Bye Homicide"

[Intro:] [DJ Gripp] Yo this is Gripp, wassup? [Havoc] Yeah this is the mouthpiece, some punkass niggas tried to dump on me man But I ain't going out like that, call up the Cartel, get the shit And let's roll Now here we go (Now here we go) [Verse 1] Chillin' in the hood, chillin' on the set Five-O's roll flashing lights and the homeboy's jet Niggas ain't sleepin, cuz' everyone's an enemy And fo'-fo's in the six-fo' chevy Brothers knuckled up in the day But now we don't scrap yo we strap nine-mills, AK 47s and intricate shit to serve funerals The motherfuckin' OGs play generals Tell the little Locs cap a bitch Lead in your head where you couldn't get a stitch Cats hittin' concrete, brains hittin' walls Nuts goin' pop and the blood's in your draws Right I'll kill a punk if the punk's sweatin' me Capable of death wish drive Prodeje Riggy-Rhimeson put a buck in the duck Miggy-Mouthpiece how the livin'? Boom! Shit outta luck (Yeah) Buck a sucker buck a motherfucker buck 'em up Niggas hit the corner trynna smoke me over what? I'd rather just scrap but the gat's what I'm livin' by So when they sweat me I commit another homicide [Refrain] It'll be, a driveby homicide I'm a nigga gotta live by the trigga' (x2) [Verse 2] City under siege motherfucker, my hood is on lockdown A nigga dead (buck buck) face down, clown Oh yo fuck no ho ho nigga, chop chop, I'm on the block with a nine-Glock One-time's got beef G Mary had a lamb, goddamn But Havoc had an uzi SC load clips, lead in your ass as the AK rips Domes get split motherfuckers wanna G On Miggy-Mouthpiece, Rhimeson and Prodeje Morgue-bound niggas lie stiff in the street Nine goes pop niggas hit the concrete Niggas die quick, die young, get hung Styles like pussy, one taste and you're sprung A one mile scope on your dome and it's flew Wrapped up box mailed home to your crew Smoke a motherfucker tryedta G, Give it up Niggas try to smoke Prodeje, Give it up Cartel roll straight deep, when it's time for a whoride So when you sweat me I commit another homicide [Refrain] It'll be, a driveby homicide I'm a nigga gotta live by the trigga' (x4) [Verse 4] Break a nigga down to a compound Slit his fucking skull live his brains on the grid now Fuck one-time cuz the crime is on me A dead motherfucker can't walk (talk) so his ass sleep Nice screams (ha being) niggas dead on the corner Five-Os laugh he's a goner Now we lead in your ass with a blast motherfucker Buck buck buck, yeah sucker Two to the one to the one A nigga with a gun in the hood so the five-Os come come Code red code blue 187 on a niggero Blood spills on a figgero So I creep out the mist But niggas wanna diss this But Havoc's feared like syphilis Prodeje's a felon no joke So i smoke him Discombobulate him with a one blow Choke him Break a nigga off cuz he soft as a jimmy Elevate that ass leave a cast punk try me Glock goes buck and the AK rips so Smoke clears, dead bodies lay, presto [Refrain] It'll be, a driveby homicide I'm a nigga gotta live by the trigga' (x6)
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