D12 - Devil's Night

Devil's Night
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Жанр: Rap / Horrorcore
Исполнитель: D12
Альбом: Devil's Night
Длительность: 04:19
Размер: 9,94 Мб
Рейтинг: 2853
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

D12 - Devil's Night

Текст песни "D12 - Devil's Night"

[Eminem] I make music to make you sick of fake music Hate music like devil worshippin Satan music So say your prayers, your Hail Mary's and Jesuses Take two sticks, tape 'em together and make a crucifix Try to stop it but you cain't do it (ha ha) A whole generation of kids blowin out their fuckin brains to this Kurt Cobain music - students converted to 'caine users as soon as they heard it went out and murdered and maimed to it What's your name? [Swifty McVay] Judas Got my nine with six sharpshooters, now let's do this I got niggaz that shoots to static - you don't understand how I'm all up in you niggaz TV's like Carole Anne I'm a poltergeist, lyrically I'm supposed to strike Try to snatch this mic, you get cracked with Molson Ice (Swifty get your own woman!) I want his wife I'm the type to go to gamblin parties with trick dice I rob casinos, slugs, eat those You'd think it was the devil feedin you jalapenos Now you out of the scene hoes shot at your clean clothes My fo'-fo', prone to make you niggaz breathe wrong [Chorus: Eminem] It's Devils Night (da da dah, da-da da da dah) It's Devils Night (da da dah, da-da da da dah duh da) Cause I came back to rule this time! It's Devils Night - cause I came back to take what's mine! Yes it's Devils Night (da da dah, da-da da da dah) It's Devils Night (da da dah, da-da da da dah duh da) Cause I came back to rule this time! It's Devils Night - cause I came back to take what's mine! [Kon Artis] It's like I'm on the john, tryin to shit and get no response Constipated bitch, tell these pigs to back off! The mind of rapist, Denaun never changes Beat up strangers without a reason, I'm a anus Walk the street in a "Beat It" jacket with a glove to match it Drop the hat shit I put my head on opposite and step backwards Walkin zombied it's ornery Pullin armed robberies on politicians without a sense of camraderie [Kuniva] Yo, I can concoct the nine slot, plus I run with the best Hop on a motorcycle, bustin wheelies over your chest Bystanders standin by, thinkin oh what a mess Blast through every hickie that them bitches put on your neck What the fuck do you expect, when the slugs are dealt And make you feel every ounce of pain that Bugz done felt A deranged team, smokin ganja greens This car beam'll make your fuckin head shake like tambourines I pledge allegiance to the streets of the D And if you think you out cold, catch a piece of this heat And when it blast, it'll take off every piece of your [scream] From her barettes to her cheeks to her cute little feet [Chorus] [Bizarre] STOP TAKIN DRUGS!! I'm tryin My little boy is dyin, he losin too much iron And if I die, it won't be because I got shot It'll be because I tied my arm in a sock and smoked rock Takin drugs is cool, that's why I buy 'em Shoot 'em up my ass, let your little brother try 'em Ten years is what I'm facin Police breakin in my house, Lil' Bow Wow in the basement (Jermaine!) A rapist that'll bust in your mouth I'll probably be in jail 'fore this fuckin album comes out I'm eighteen years old, still shit in the bed Beaten 'til I'm red, fear nothin but war and bread It's me again, fuckin dirty jinn So what if it burns, bitch when I stick it in No medication, I'm out of perkasets I lost my weed, plus my fuckin diaper's wet [Chorus] [Eminem] It's Devils Night!
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