RZA - Sickness

Digital Bullet
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: RZA
Альбом: Digital Bullet
Длительность: 04:59
Размер: 11,47 Мб
Рейтинг: 445
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "RZA - Sickness"

[Intro: RZA] Yo, the great Digi "What are you looking for?" The World's greatest mind Bob Digital "Man with no mother" [RZA] Yo, try to cross reference, my epic preference Fresh mint, tight lint, you get trapped inside the monkey wrench Ain't no man lover ever gonna silk the sealer I'm blessed like the seed who sucked the milk from Mahalia You wishin' Shaolin Island could be swallowed up by the sea Gobbled up, like the lost city of Moore and Atlantis But I'm fierce as the cyclone winds that blew through Kansas Have your clan stranded on the enchanted land of Gumas Azubar Gem blue star, razor blade scar Who dare wanna spar bar for bar? Allah U Akbar I turn the most degenerate hood into a pop star Bless the seed who prays the Most High, without askin' why Flicks from ocean shore, kick like Marshall Law I might strike with the eagle claw or tiger paw On the shores of African beach, facin' the east White sands stretched out as far as the eye can see Found buried by the sea The heat of Allah son will crack through Antarctica We ride blue whales, you sell Nautica ships on the carpenter We should send all these Devils back to Hell You small as to die in my sentence, I speak with vengeance Snatch up 17 million plus 2 million Indians Your incorrect retrospect on the situation You didn't know it was a Wu-Tang affiliation Legs speak like twigs, you're forbidden like pig You can't fuck with the Zig-Zag-Zig [Break: RZA] Raise your sword, and praise the Lord Enrage the war on this wicked society Raise your sword, and praise the Lord Enrage the war on this wicked society [RZA] The village must be pillaged The merciless, the Earth is damp from blood spillage Cursed the ancestors and the seed of the assailant Dissect his body like an alien My seed must be spread I bust sperm cells with Bobsleds Then race to the egg and bring forth the Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head All you niggas out there who got money better watch out for the money hungry Straight up... The most beloved from a region undiscovered I've been hovered over by black buzzard walkin' through public Imagine the feelin' of growin' up, ten children Stuffed inside a shack, in the project buildings Women, infants and coupons, one stole camel soup on Stressed out with four kids, aborter Next door the dope fiend neighbour tryin' to sell his little daughter Poisonous, heat from the oven The only way we had to live was survivin' off mommy's lovin' Dead bodies found in the incinerator Lights Out, somebody fucked up the generator Talkin' welfare, cheese, franks and beans Mud stains on mock-neck shirts and tainted jeans Twisted up, how the fuck we get bended up? And ended up in this four block radius where they enslaved us Sweatin' from cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and anchovie Spoiled, ah shit, my blood boiled But fuck that, I'm ready for open hand combat It's the tomcat, and my thoughts are unlimited Inflicted fatal wounds and I'm immune, see a evil society [Break: RZA] So praise the Lord and enrage the war Against this wicked society, society Praise the Lord and raise your sword Against this wicked society, society Praise the Lord and raise your sword Against this wicked society [RZA] There was a legend of a +Liquid Sword+ That was +Only Built 4+ niggas with +Cuban Linx+ Who +Entered the 36th Chamber+ and keep the true links, inherit +The W+ emblem Movin' the muscle changin' and bone tendon bendin' Science of 25 thousand year millennium The sinners from the men who exiled the Indians from India Who's times can't be measured linear In all tribes on Earth who can't find a friendlier group of people who shunt all evil, treat all men equal Even though we see through your wicked
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