Too Short - Only The Strong Survive

Menace II Society (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / Угроза для общества
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Жанр: R'n'B / Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: Too Short
Альбом: Menace II Society (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / Угроза для общества
Длительность: 05:08
Размер: 11,96 Мб
Рейтинг: 1645
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Ridah
320 Кб/с

Too Short - Only The Strong Survive

Текст песни "Too Short - Only The Strong Survive"

Yeah man It’s goin down bitch Motherfuckers can’t be weak (vocal "only the strong’ll survive" repeats in background) None of that shit Short dawg is in the house Ninety-three, bitch I always heard that you gotta be strong, if you wanna survive Get your diploma go to college get a nine-to-five Every year, you’re makin 30 g’s a pop Workin see, and you’re tied to the white man’s jock Movin out of the ghetto cause it troubles you Makin payments on a b-m-w I know you never would settle for the minimum snaps Have to live in the ghetto where the blacks be at And send your kids to a school that don’t really teach I give a fuck about a motherfuckin college degree, beeotch! You think I wanna get cha? Take you to the motel, and straight raw dick ya? You must be crazy, smokin that chronic I take you to the motel, and put my rubber on it And hope it don’t bust, so I can stay alive Cause only the strong survive, you little shithead bitch (vocal "only the strong’ll survive" repeats in background 4x) So tell me what it is, man tell me what you want Not talkin bout the music but we likes to funk Ain’t no such thang as a oakland punk It don’t matter who you are, you’ll be _in the trunk_ You come twenty-five deep, or maybe ten If I let your ass push me, then you push me again He was six foot four, they used to call him sir But he was smooth gunned down by a teenage gangsta No bigger than me, never could be hisself Always tryin to act like someone else There just ain’t no future for us young black men Cause we always get killed, or sent to the pen But even, malcolm x was a ex-convict And you can bet I won’t go fo’ it next time bitch! I’m kinda strong with my bullets in the clip That’s why I never trip, cause only the strong survive (vocal "only the strong’ll survive" repeats in background 4x) (vocal "only the strong’ll survive" repeats in background 4x) You say be a man, let’s go toe to toe But that was like fifteen years ago They say only the strong, will survive But brothers be strong, and still they die But you gotta get around that bullshit All the things we used to do we can’t pull the shit no more Cause ain’t nobody trippin on us You wanna fight, fuck around and get shot up See your ass layin there bleedin, losin the fight All behind a bitch and that shit ain’t right You could, live or die it just doesn’t make a difference Cause everybody knows about your sorry ass simpin for a hoe I thought you knew, _life is_ But the punk motherfucker can’t handle his So you weak bizznews ain’t no surprise Cause only the strong survive, bitch (vocal "only the strong’ll survive" repeats in background 4x)
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