Juelz Santana - Rumble Young Man Rumble

What the Game's Been Missing!
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: Juelz Santana
Альбом: What the Game's Been Missing!
Длительность: 02:34
Размер: 4,01 Мб
Рейтинг: 621
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: S_J
217 Кб/с

Juelz Santana - Rumble Young Man Rumble

Текст песни "Juelz Santana - Rumble Young Man Rumble"

AYE!!!!!!!!!! [Juelz Santana] Juelz Santana. Ain't no turning back from here (Thats right) [VERSE 1] I am sicker than Sick'Wid'It DON'T listen just picture it HOW vivid this picture it ME gifted and living this NO gimmicks or images I spit and deliver it LIKE no one that's living shit (AYE) Straight from the ground y'all you dig? Close to where the groundhogs live Where the police hound y'all kids Arrest and give out long bids From where they keep the four squeeze the four Hustle all day in the streets so long If the feds ever decide to come We all going down for the motherfucking reaper law [CHORUS] I was taught be smart stay humble I was taught be hard don't fumble I was taught in these concrete jungle Rumble young man rumble I was taught stay hard as they come dude I was taught any problems confront you I was taught in these concrete jungle Rumble young man rumble [VERSE 2] Greater than great I am YES haters they hate I am WHAT playing I play to win PLUS still I remain up in THE hood I came up in BUT the hood I came up in FUCKED since Bush done came up in YUP (AYE) From my date of birth hun' 'Til my day in the dirt come I remain the earth's one YES the matrix's first son Toast to the good day to the bad day To the good yay' to the bad yay' To the time the shit was mixed up I had good yay' on a bad day [Chorus] [VERSE 3] Best of the best I is AND never the less I is AYE man of respect I is REAL dammit yes I is KILL nigga yes I will LEAVE bodies by cemeteries HE'S forever buried HOW by any means necessary I'm here to promise to keep my vows in order I'm here to promise to keep my child in order 'Til the day I get locked 'Til the day I get shot Or till the day I just drown in water (AYE) Don't feel sorry for me, have a party for me Bitches, balloons, Bacardi and weed And let niggaz know that I died with a heart of a G (AYE)
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