Killah Priest - Tai Chi

Heavy Mental
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Killah Priest
Альбом: Heavy Mental
Длительность: 04:02
Размер: 9,58 Мб
Рейтинг: 548
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: wucl
320 Кб/с

Killah Priest - Tai Chi

Текст песни "Killah Priest - Tai Chi"

[Hell Razah] The Sunz of Man-sion, has been opened up The door is open, yeah, yeah It's like, beware of biochips, I share hits harder than slavewhips like I waited to get tips From Egypts to seaships, to bein chased by New York cops out the precincts, and words was bricks We buildin projects to pyramids, evil kid I destroy your ass like London Bridge, smoke trees of weed Take off the leaves out the twigs, pure truth is what I got to give a lot to live for, you ain't rich before poor It ain't peace without poor, how would stand without a floor under, over, toxicated, sober Younger, older you're elevated, higher than a Empire State Elevators I roll with creators and cremators Stalkin through this nature, the heaven raise ya Capacity in your brains beyond the clouds of rain Seven and a half are contained Space was my birthplace, meditate in cocoons Now see snakes in human costumes... [Killah Priest] Expand your mind (4X) In time... in time... [Father Lord] Call this, the blind man talk, cripple man walk See nor hear not summon as Lord Divident per segment def unseen beings speak no evil to all I see, tappin into the worlds vision with the proper rhythmic meditation Situation on lives from state to state Rent to pay, state debate, contract dates Cheddar in error, slave mental death to the treasure Washing my robe in the blood of the lamb, constant plan Never strayin New York cause I rock supreme forever for I can never ?blackring? on the ?axspring? the ghetto compact Put em on tracks, and let's see how they act as the aftermath increase accelerate the Sun behind you radiate, to burn to ashes Ain't one of the parties you been crashing Bring the beat and I'ma slash it My niggaz make sure the doors have been barricaded It's about to sign off, some shit you can read in ?block spin? But make no mistake, devil players, penetrate with your smarts redrum mania reincarnate to another shape Bomb flashes, what can happen, New Jack-in Your rappin ain't the Magnum so when he cought up to half these niggaz even stole the soul of the streets in motion [Killah Priest] Expand your mind Seek and you shall find Walkin through the penile glands, like it was a unfathered man Knowledge is the key to the mind which is a mysterious doorway through a long dark hallway Use your concious as a compass to avoid bein conquered by nonsense, use your subconcious as a map Once it's time to head back use your food for thought and leave breadtracks Now we can see the third eye, swift as you burn fly You need common sense as a detour Up ahead there lies three doors for you to see more you might have to meditate to the soft melodies from a keyboard Understandin is your flashlight It reflects the windows to your past life No psychiatrics could raid you from off the mattress As you fall deeper, and it's hypnotized you better read my lips cause that's the guide, out the hallways of negative which is always competitive; therefore you must never let it live Seek and you shall find Expand the mind, seek and you shall find Expand your mind, seek and you shall find Expand the mind Seek and you shall find Expand the mind Seek and you shall find Expand the mind Seek and you shall find Expand the mind...
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