Mystic - The Life

Dark Angel - OST / Темный Ангел - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Нет данных
Исполнитель: Mystic
Альбом: Dark Angel - OST / Темный Ангел - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:32
Размер: 4,86 Мб
Рейтинг: 400
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Fluffy
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Mystic - The Life

Текст песни "Mystic - The Life"

Come on, come on Huh huh, yeah Feel good, don't it? This is for warm days that drift away While the sun sets and the ghettos play Long nights on a hot summers block Where you sip your brew and never touch your Glock This is for eyes That cry like yours And learn to smile again And rise above the pain This is for you and your crew The ones thats true Who'll always love you No matter what you do Chorus 1: 'Cause its the life, the life, the life (the life, the life) its the life, the life, the life, (life) its the life, the life, the life (your life, your life) its the life, your life, my life, (life) This is for soldiers who bust they guns In the name of freedom not the game of fun True queens who raise they kids Implement the knowledge, show 'em how to live This is for those who stand in line to feed their babies While we're running out of time This is for the unjusticed, behind bars Our lovers, our leaders, our people, yeah... Chorus 2: 'Cause its the life, the life, the life (the life, the life) its the life, the life, the life, (life) its the life, the life, the life (my life, my life) its the life, your life, my life, (our lives) Don't let 'em mis-misguide you They'll have you actin' like the sun dont shine And the sky ain't never blue But you know and i know its all about survival The struggle of our people is like death unrivaled For politicians they was never in control Cuz deep within that untrue battle for the soul What they want is to bring us to our knees So my people guard your life by any means This is for those who know we all gon die And its set up that way by an infinite power Those who know, that feel the chains In the belly of the beast and mental strain This is for those who have their own fallen angels Trynna to find their way home This is for everybody (everybody), and anybody so (anybody) slight Chorus 1 Da dum dum da dum Da dum dum da dum Da dum dum da dum .... yo, you gotta keep smilin No matter what Cause this is the life And whatcha gon do bout that? Eh?
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