Westside Connection - Bangin

West Coast Bad Boyz 2
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Westside Connection
Альбом: West Coast Bad Boyz 2
Длительность: 05:22
Размер: 7,37 Мб
Рейтинг: 669
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Arronaks
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Westside Connection - Bangin

Текст песни "Westside Connection - Bangin"

[Intro:] [Ice Cube] (Westsiiiiide!) Hoo-Bangin' on the transformers These trick-ass niggas quick to tuck they tail But fuck that... you know how we git... (Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!) [Ice Cube] It's the don go let'em know Unwettable, ahh.. big fish incredible Hoo-Bangin' on the white collars got a pile of dollars Still rollin' Impalas I'm bombin' on Common Sense Chicago is mine nigga hit the fence Intense kingpin nigga worldwide And I bring sin when I wanna hoo-ride Who died and who applied the pressure Show me 3 niggas that's fresher Westside Connect Gang oh yeah we talkin' shit Nigga do you know who you fuckin' wit? [Ice Cube] Ice Cube is the lick Westside is the click (Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)[2X] [Mack 10] It's Mack 10 fool that nigga with heaters Gauges revolvers techs and millimeters You know how we hoo-ride when we collide Niggas run but they can't hide Cause its world wide (Inglewooooooooooood!!) I'm jackin' and lickin niggas thats straight trippin' Square ass niggas can't tell a ounce from a chicken I fill you full of lead and I take you Big heads So nigga watch how ya talkin' I'm still chicken hawkin So hit the deck punk don't move my tech is bigger And you'll be dead if I pull this trigger So where the safe at I want the loot and the cavey Yo money or yo life so punk act like you savey [Ice Cube] Mack 10 is the lick Westside is the click (Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)[2X] [WC] Allie Allie All come free bending the corner blowed with a pocket full of weed serving all enemies fuck your whole set this is the Westside Connect I'm stealing to the neck nigga where y'all from where y'all from better be the same that I'm claiming muthafuck explainin' I'm swinging dropping these thangs drinking gin out the bottle steadily hoo slangin' out the blue Monte Carlo spitting hollows out my roscoe in packs as I blast getting my stalk on walk-on nigga waving my flag skip skip I'm from that do low double-O hoodsta ride Sack jacking purse snatching hoo-banging till I die [Ice Cube] Dub-C is the lick Westside is the click (Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)[2X] [K-Dee] Bullshit after bullshit what is this? Got to let these mothafuckas know we mean business Cock the hammer back and all smiles turn to frowns Bow down before you realize you out of bounds Connect subject to do ya who ya Think you fuckin' wit don't let that smooth shit fool ya Gots no love for you your crew we bring trouble too Steal you bitch and have her throwing up the "W" [Ice Cube] K-Dee is the lick Westside is the click (Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)[2X] [Tha Comrades] Now we duck tapin ankles and wrists Following home niggas bitches layin in The cut in chucks an ski masks pistol whip they ass till they open up the safe in Calabasas Ashes to ashes dust to dust nigga kick in yo assets all yo doe an yo baguettes Befoe I have to go to torturin' robberies been the thang since paroled out of Corcoran [Ice Cube] Tha Comrades is the lick Westside is the click (Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!) [AllFrumTha I] Guess who just stepped out the smog It's the Westside Connection mixed wit rips an Dogs All you mutha fuckas is talkin tuff Mad at my homies 'cause they platinum plus Since I'm the gate keeper fuck yo street sweeper all my homies is hand wit they heaters you better tighten up yo bullet-proof vest you niggas can't fuck wit the Wild wild west [Outro:] [Ice Cube] AllFrumTha I is the lick Westside is the click (Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!) Connect Gang is t
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