Delinquent Habits - Anytime All Time

Total Overdose - OST
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Жанр: Rock / Hip-Hop / Latin
Исполнитель: Delinquent Habits
Альбом: Total Overdose - OST
Длительность: 03:51
Размер: 3,53 Мб
Рейтинг: 5992
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta
128 Кб/с

Delinquent Habits - Anytime All Time

Текст песни "Delinquent Habits - Anytime All Time"

Verse 1: City suburbs anyplace where the drums heard Whether you is above ground or down under I came here to bring a cold room summer They say turn up heat well I’m gonna Take a look around my town see who will y’all Be the first willin to catch it won’t kill y’all C’mon wont you let me reveal y’all I ain’t totin a shank or blue steel y’all I ain’t totin no hate or ill will for all those offers say thanks but no deal Please officer I’m cool behind the wheel So please no flash on your lights and don’t squeal Tattoos and hard screws astonish but I’m always comin in peace holmes honest Remain most tatted and hang with psychotics Avoid all fools who come with no chronic Chorus: This is for the daytime wrong time night time right time Feel like singing along well then do it Anytime alltime this world forever mine song will remain strong we blow through it Daytime wrong time right time night time Feel like singing along well then do it Anytime alltime this world forever mine song will remain strong we blow through it Verse 2: I put in more than time blood tears and sweat Pretty soon it’s a decade I’m a full blown vet I’m done with them shady shisty individuals Time to get paid collecting my residuals Cuates trying to change me trying to rearrange my Whole persona purana let’s see who’s here manana Some tried to say that my s**t wouldn’t last That my funky Latin stylo was a thing of the past I’ve been around foreign land and back to more love D.H. penetrate get in like hot slug Make you wanna move some choose to cut rug Beats and rhymes more tight than bear hug A sign up ahead I read took what it said About the ratas en la calle and spiders in the bed To the head con los twin pistos in my reach Code name Mr. Listo todo capish Chorus Verse 3: Now gather round for the breakdown end siesta Once again we begin the fiesta For those that are down to hear sounds and puff yesca Scrape up one last bowl off the dressa If they come fresh you come fresha Blitz type styles galore for more pressure Change up so every few bars you get blessed a Chest full a bass influx a mic checka Smoke filled room slam pit crowd the centa Please come in all peace enjoy enter dance on hardwood floor with no splinta Under light of real hype magenta Chorus
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