Makiavelli 2000
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: 2 Pac
Альбом: Makiavelli 2000
Длительность: 04:08
Размер: 3,79 Мб
Рейтинг: 776
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Arronaks
128 Кб/с


Текст песни "2 Pac - BLACK JESUS"

[2Pac] Searching for Black Jesus Oh yeah, sportin jewels and shit, yaknahmean? (Black Jesus; you can be Christian Baptist, Jehovah Witness) Straight tatted up, no doubt, no doubt (Islamic, won't matter to me I'm a thug; thugs, we praise Black Jesus, all day) Young Kadafi in this bitch, set it off nigga.. What? [Kadafi] I do my shootin's on a knob, prayin to God for my squad Stuck in a nightmare, hopin he might care Though times is hard, up against all odds, I play my cards like I'm jailin, shots hittin up my spot like midnight rains hailin Got me bailin to stacks more green; Gods ain't tryin to be trapped on no block slangin no rocks like bean pies Brainstorm on the beginnin Wonder how shit like the Qu'ran and the Bible was written What is religion? Gods words all cursed like crack Shai-tan's way of gettin us back Or just another one of my Black JesuS traps [Storm] Who's got the heart to stand beside me? I feel my enemies creepin up in silence Dark prayer, scream violence - demons all around me Can't even bend my knees just a lost cloud; Black Jesus give me a reason to survive, in this earthly hell Cause I swear, they tryin to break my well I'm on the edge lookin down at this volatile pit Will it matter if I cease to exist? Black Jesus [2Pac] All hail, the pressure no endeavor can fail Some missin souls turn to hoes when exposed to jail In times of war we need somebody raw, rally the troops like a Saint that we can trust to help to carry us through Black Jesus, hahahahaha He's like a Saint that we can trust to help to carry us through Black Jesus [Young Noble] Outlawz we got our own race, culture, religion Rebellin against the system, commence to lynchin The President ain't even listenin to the pain of the youth We make music for eternity, forever the truth Political prisoner, the two choices that they givin us Ride or die, for life they sentence us Oh Black Jesus, please watch over my brother Shawn Soon as the sky get bright, it's just another storm Brothers gone, now labeled a statistic Ain't no love for us ghetto kids, they call us nigglets History repeats itself, nuttin new In school I knew, e'rything I read wasn't true Black Jesus [2Pac] To this click I'm dedicated, criminal orientated An Outlaw initiated, blazed and faded Made for terror, major league niggaz pray together Bitches in they grave while my real niggaz play together We die clutchin glasses, filled with liquor bomblastic Creamated, last wishes nigga smoke my ashes High sigh why die wishin, hopin for possibilities I'll mob on, why they copy me sloppily Cops patrol projects, hatin the people livin in them I was born an inmate, waitin to escape the prison Went to church but don't understand it, they underhanded God gave me these commandments, the world is scandalous Blast til they holy high; baptize they evil minds Wise, no longer blinded, watch me shine trick Which one of y'all wanna feel the degrees? Bitches freeze facin Black Jesus [2Pac] All hail, the pressure no endeavor can fail Some missin souls turn to hoes when exposed to jail In times of war we need somebody raw, rally the troops like a Saint that we can trust to help to carry us through Black Jesus [Kastro] Some say, some day, some how, some way, we gon' fail And it ain't hard to tell, we dwell in hell Trapped, black, scarred and barred Searching for truth, where it's hard to find God I play the Pied Piper, and to this Thug Life, I'm a lifer Proceed, to turn up the speed, just for stripes My Black Jesus, walk through this valley with me Where we, so used to hard times and casualties Indeed, it hurt me deep to have to sleep on the streets And haven't eaten in weeks, so save a prayer for me And all the young thugs, raised on drugs and guns Blazed out and numb, slaves to this slums This ain't livin... Jesus
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