Killarmy - Dress To Kill

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Killarmy
Альбом: Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
Длительность: 03:37
Размер: 8,31 Мб
Рейтинг: 609
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta
320 Кб/с

Killarmy - Dress To Kill

Текст песни "Killarmy - Dress To Kill"

[intro: reporter] We are at war with the enemy we can't see A brutal conspiracy of assassination Kidnappings, bombings, highjackings and mass murders [intro: a woman] Leave the Girl alone, leave alone!!! [intro: reporter] There's a battle ragin' fueled by desperation, hatred and fear [intro: expert] Now the principal language spoken here is gunfire [intro: reporter] It is a worldwar lead by holymen, madmen and millions of disciples Willing to die for their cause their strategy is worldwide terrorism It's time to go to war niggas Get the bulletproof vests niggas Word up [Chorus] Grap yo' army suits 'n' yo' phat black boots Military gear 'n' go up like troops (4x) [Killa Sin] Yo, yo, yo, all rhymes is mad raw nigga, let the force pour from my jaws, lyric sause Got high with fly sounds bound the floors It's war for all you rap acts who's wack, come back I back gats and block for filts, to be exact like that thing (Pow!) Strikes in yo' nut, one shot, I bang slang to yo' brain Get you open on top for some What What! nigga take that I'm in some shit is done, when it comes to track 'n' phat drums I am hung Lyrical tunes that boom, crush consume Brains leaving your veins, putting pumps and losing the bock, blazing hot Glock Raising your nut, cock to kill son(Pow!) Spill it to bomb, backglot? Yo, I'm test nigga, best be on Methstreet, I blast fast 'n' shout at that ass Just like flexing glass, foo, last tool shiped with dime, homicide collide With energize thoughts from dark side of Park, die Split yo' vest from yo' test My complex style be wild enough tough like rough sex or roughnecks I dedicate this track to the suspects (yeah!) The real live niggas ain't afraid to bust sex [9th Prince] Seven soldiers, militant darkness for heavenly niggas in heaven Strap with the holy mack elevens, we turn to devils 'n' poison yo' ferrins' Razorblade stash is out the bible, stuck to the chuch of the madman on a vital I conquer your honor 'n' the battle former, seven man control Dead maybe cause for this strategy Fight his bomber, my thoughts is elevated, arsenerated So speak to some mamas, two places devil plated I take off the heads of those who worship Adam 'n' Eve from the garden of Eden Follow the prince of thieves I ain't the guard, but you're a lyrical burgler It's the price of killin' like Kaine did the first murder [Chorus](4x) [Shogun Assassin:] Silent Weapons, instruments of combat used in quiet wars When I attack MC's become P.O.W.'s missing in action Shogun the Assason strikes with rage When I engage with Street Wars When neighbourhood druglords legendary weapon' Too like crossbows, bows 'n' arrows it ain't that force 'n' penetrates trough the skin, but first through your clothes My platoons uniform is timbows 'n' capholes Nice dark cause you being followed like dark shadows Commandoes with empty ammo We are the men in war, refugees from Jeff County Army of black knights, sinners 'til the death strikes [Chorus] One with the killa 'n' the clan, I came with the scam A foo-proof plan 'n' death to coloured men Climin' uses race from the sun Dom PaChino, Madman, Assassin tracks for Shogun...
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