Raekwon - Respect Power

Wu Banga 2001, Vol.1
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Raekwon
Альбом: Wu Banga 2001, Vol.1
Длительность: 03:40
Размер: 5,04 Мб
Рейтинг: 406
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta
192 Кб/с

Raekwon - Respect Power

Текст песни "Raekwon - Respect Power"

[Intro: Raekwon] What's up Big Chris? Goin to the store to get the papers. *echoes* Got ya, a little love on this one here. Huh! *laughs* Word on. Word on. [Chorus 1: Raekwon] Commerical rap niggaz get they domes smacked outta We tired of these earthlings acting like they cowards When you fuck up, we gettin down for ours Coast 5 million niggaz, sky 'em like twin towers [Raekwon] Hennessey, dick kisser Slang lord, verbal pain commissioner Light fire to names, dame sizzler Multi, 40 karat bow tie N.Y. national league of big guys with stolen 5's Albums cloud him, phantom of the opera style with loud phones, system, 100 thousand watts in em Rock rocks, delight exchange like stocks Bars made like Comstock, dead man's glock Holdin name down, spit a 100 in change now Range spin out, damn check The Weather Channel Throw the Gilligan on, just strain now, smack lames down Fuckin with checks, throw the ringer on and blink out Link out, how the fuck this money come up short? What? You sniffed a half a quart? Dart designer, emblem blow, seat recliner, rewind Black caught an old timer, gold miner Spread love to golden glove, foamed up Blood, hibernatin with snubs, never rock Lugz Chill, run tracks like Harriette Tub' Bugs, spit cum all in ya girlfriend's mug Motion picture novel, Donna giones' third brother What? Bout to buy estate floodin with clubs Wrapper around me, what's in my lap could seem astoundin Broke, but with no hands gone, sleep but soundly It's cold water, rotti tried to drown me You and ya boys surround me Meet the sleeper, static-free Downy [ From: ] Slang, wildin up, the nigga found me Sick gowns, rock a sick gown, 4-5th brown Ready to pop shit now The Earth spinnin like a windmill Workin ya swords, get ya link down Hit down, cavalry ain't shit now Valerie, number one asian, ancient from the pink cows Now we know how the fuck you think now Take off a nugget ring and think how Bullet tank out [Chorus 2: Raekwon] Commerical rap niggaz get they domes smacked outta We tired of these earthlings acting like they cowards When you fuck up, we gettin down for ours Coast 5 million niggaz, sky like twin towers Cowards, you gonna learn to respect power We burn by the hour, one burst the remmy got us [Raekwon] Crank shit, Shawshank Redemption scholar Roll up, based on dollars, baseball hat, big collar Chill, watch everybody crowd us, we bout it bouters Rockwilders, rockin swim towelers Burst the 45 power, skate across the Isenhower Kangol, 50 iguana, nugget trimmed, ice down iguana Split it in half, holdin my anaconda Black Marizana, true Don daughter, hide-out Stashed in Ghana, guns about the size of ya mama, select drama Trauma rap, birds fall asleep, Ghana Caeser czar, come out ya rap par' Fiddle with y'all car [Chorus 2] [Outro: Raekwon] Once burst the remmy out us... Once burst the remmy out us... Read more: RAEKWON - RESPECT POWER LYRICS
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