Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood Runs Cold

Violent by Design
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Jedi Mind Tricks
Альбом: Violent by Design
Длительность: 03:55
Размер: 9,01 Мб
Рейтинг: 551
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: T-Killaz
320 Кб/с

Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood Runs Cold

Текст песни "Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood Runs Cold"

(Sean P aka Ruck) Yeah first of all don't make me burst and brawl Image is nothin you frontin see the thirst in ya'll Think it's fucked up now it get worst for ya'll Assassinate your best friend now I hurt you par Run up on your block wit dough and I curse you all The fuck out you wanna wet duke squirt your four Since birth I been raw hot like surface core Kidnap your baby's mom straight earth the whore See I do rhyme and crime so I can purchase more If you ain't in it for that what the purpose for Act like you don't give a fuck though Good so I buck fo' shots from the roof And my man Rock catch you up close Never give a fuck about niggas ya'll not Nutso Hype off of carbonated water then some fructose Straight buck foes when the nigga Ruck pull the snub nose Wait Ruck chill, what the deal it's all love though Look into my eyes and you can see there's something changed Runnin gunnin things knockin niggas out like Clubber Lang With the gun I bring it's straight for beatin you down Heatin you down leavin you six feet deep in the ground (Vinnie Paz aka Ikon the Verbal Hologram) It's some real motherfuckers goin rot tonight All your jewels and your cash gettin got tonight Or somebody in the club gettin shot tonight Sean Price, Jedi Mind keep it hot tonight (Jus Allah) Im the motherfucking ungrateful My heart is hateful, my tounge ripped Lickin on the blade that slayed you You faggots act as bitch as Rupaul Ya niggas share one milkshake wit two straws Scrap wit no doors, four walls tighten Seein the roof fall, feelin the floors heighten Crushed and shit your bones and blood siphon And put it to the jug we sip before fightin Im raw lightning my power extends In the planet and out through the opposite ends Black man travel through the universe and back While cavemen still though that the earth was flat But we kept the sacred plans, now we carry Throughout the ancient lands Before the separating of the sands Of course all the power I create in my hand He bare my G strength in replicating in man (Vinnie Paz aka Ikon the Verbal Hologram) It's some real motherfuckers goin rot tonight All your jewels and your cash gettin got tonight Or somebody in the club gettin shot tonight Sean Price, Jedi Mind keep it hot tonight (Vinnie Paz aka Ikon the Verbal Hologram) Im tasteless, there's beauty in strange places I find beauty in razors I find beauty in blood drippin from ya faces I find beauty in the Qua'ron and all of it's Aramaic equations I find beauty in twelve gauges I find beauty in teaching you what the definition of pain is I find beauty stainless steel, That can kill and reveal the front of your grill Your brainless, ya'll don't wanna test Vinnie Paz patience I crack jaws and swing swords of the ancients Ya'll pretended to understand the matrix Without attempting to overstand it's basics We dedicated to cats that's been thuggin Vinnie Paz got more hoes then Jim Duggin Ya'll been duckin for quite some time now Vinnie bout to teach you how to write some rhymes now We aim beams in between your eye brows Jedi Mind Sean P combine now
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