Ludacris - Southern Hospitality (2000)

100 Greatest Songs of Rap & Hip Hop
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Ludacris
Альбом: 100 Greatest Songs of Rap & Hip Hop
Длительность: 05:01
Размер: 6,89 Мб
Рейтинг: 1956
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Arronaks
192 Кб/с

Ludacris - Southern Hospitality (2000)

Текст песни "Ludacris - Southern Hospitality (2000)"

(Intro 2x) We drop bones on em Drop bones on em When we (throw dem 'bows) Uh, Cadillac grills Cadillac mills Check out the oil my Cadillac spills Matter fact candy paint Cadillac's kill So check out the hoe's my Cadillac fills 20 Inch wide 20 inch high Oh don't you like my 20 inch ride 20 Inch thighs make 20 inch eyes Hoping for American 20 inch pies Pretty ass clothes pretty ass toes Oh how I love these pretty ass hoe's Pretty ass high class anything goes Catch em in the club throwing pretty ass bows Long jime jaws long jime stalls Any stank puss make my long jime pause Women on they cells making long time calls And if they like to juggle give em long jime's balls Chorus: All my players in the house that can buy the bar And the ballin ass niggas wit the candy cars If you a pimp and you know you don't love them hoes When you get on the flow nigga throw them 'bows All my women in the house if you chasing cash And you got some big titties wit a matching ass Wit ya fly ass boots or ya open toes When ya get on the flow nigga throw them 'bows Dirty south mind blown dirty south bread Catfish fried up dirty south fed Sleep in a cot pickin dirty south bed Dirty south guls give me dirty south head Hand me down flip flops hand me down socks Hand me down drug dealers hand me down rocks Hand me down a 50 pack swisher sweets box And good fella rich niggas hand me down stocks Mouth full of platinum mouth full of gold 40 glock cal keep your mouth on hold Lie through your teeth you could find your mouth cold Rip out ya tongue cause of what ya mouth told Sweat for the lemonade sweat for the tea Sweat from the hot sauce sweat from the D And you can sweat from a burn in the third degree And if you sweat in your sleep then you sweat from me Chorus Hit by stars hit by cars Drunk of the liquor getting hit by bars Keep your girl close cause she's hit by far Hit by the Neptune's hit by guitars Afro Picks Afro chicks I let my soul glow from my Afro dick Rabbit out the hat pullin Afro tricks Afro American Afro thick Overall country overall jeans Overall Georgia we overall clean Southern Hospitality we overall mean Overall triple overall beams Thugged out niggas wear thugged out chains Thugged out blocks playing thugged out games All black tinted up thugged out range DTP stay doing thugged out thangs Chorus 2x (Outro 4x) We drop bones on em Drop bones on em When we (throw dem 'bows)
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