Quarashi - Stun Gun

Guerilla Disco
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Жанр: Rapcore
Исполнитель: Quarashi
Альбом: Guerilla Disco
Длительность: 03:25
Размер: 7,82 Мб
Рейтинг: 590
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Cornelius
320 Кб/с

Quarashi - Stun Gun

Текст песни "Quarashi - Stun Gun"

[Tiny] Aye yo this shit doesn't come easy but hey don't misjudge me whatever might displease you, still couldn't touch me. I don't care what I write is what I'm gonna bust fights on round one, if you fuck with anyone of us. What! Please, you better run till your knees concede shit hits the fan next time you see me. And I don't stall about what's up with ya'll now freeze on the spot when it's time to let it all out. And I don't know I just don't know why things always get little bit out of control why people get rowdy when I come into the place. Whoops, there goes my glass in your face. [Chorus] One time for my posse. Posse. Two times for my homes. Homes. We'll be chillin in the backseat. Backseat. Where we bury the bone. Bury the bone. [tiny] Here's a birdie who plays dirty in this game. It's a shame that my ex wants to act this way. What a hag man, what a bunch of crap to say. When I've been nothing but fair with you up till this day. But hey, you got what you wanted so choke on this shit to. You got issues, why you think I broke up with you. Damn it, can't you see I don't need this crap. I can't believe this bitch, give me my cd's back. Infact how's that for a turn on. For your ugly ass and a face I wouldn't even shoot "?" on. I'll tell you this much, you really got me pissed off. You flatchested bitch you really thought I went this soft. I tried to be nice, but if all you want is beef then a word of advice so you can sink your teeth in. I can be your bearer of ill rotten blues, when you disregard me this way, I bring bad news. [chorus slow] One time for my posse. Two times for my homes. We'll be chillin in the backseat. Where we bury the bone. My experience limited reputation discredited. The locals read it man, I have to live here please edit it. You can type that I'm quite nice if they buy it. I like my weekends private, real peaceful and quiet. I don't condone violence read books for recreation. I interfere with politics and public relations. So put that in your peace and a lid on it please. Doesn't matter if you bend the truth a little bit see. Next time I'm in the studio I'll take my grudges out, and you can get the clean version sent to your house. This is my scene now, and I'm a crake for more, till the world breaks, what the fuck you take me for. One time for my posse. Posse. Two times for my homes. Homes. We'll be chillin in the backseat. Backseat. Where we bury the bone. Bury the bone.
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