Röyksopp - Someone Like Me

The Understanding
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Жанр: Electronic
Исполнитель: Röyksopp
Альбом: The Understanding
Длительность: 05:24
Размер: 12,42 Мб
Рейтинг: 2364
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: StSerge
320 Кб/с

Röyksopp - Someone Like Me

Текст песни "Röyksopp - Someone Like Me"

Someone like me With someone like you How unlikely Too good to be true Someone like me With someone like you How unlikely Too good to be true Something's be trying to hold me down And leave me no hope on the battleground I'm knocking on doors, "Come on", let me in Desperately craving the feminine Then you came to me Genuinely How could I get lucky like this What have I done This type of things is just a fantasy The story is laid out so wretchedly Like out of a film or a magazine Appeal to the classical masculine But gradually It's dawning on me This isn't like a dream This is for real Being yourself What does that mean Seeing yourself is the hardest thing Someone like me With someone like you How unlikely Too good to be true Timing your movements so accurately Hearing you breathing so musically Unity strengthening rapidly Knowing you'll always come back to me You're never to close Or far away Perfect somewhere inbetween Vintage machine Seeing it's already time to leave I got to go out, I need space to breathe Go before everything's caving in Understand that, oh my heroine But someone like you So hard to believe Sure this is not just a dream Wake up and see Being yourself is a lonely thing If you never pick it up and just let it ring Someone like me It's what I've always dreamed of With someone like you More than satisfactory How unlikely It's real you're here beside me Too good to be true
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