Nujabes - Flowers

Modal Soul
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Nu Jazz / Jazzy Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Nujabes
Альбом: Modal Soul
Длительность: 04:00
Размер: 9,22 Мб
Рейтинг: 680
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Nujabes - Flowers

Текст песни "Nujabes - Flowers"

Now what I spit, its medicine for the sick An attempt to get a grip before it all starts to slip It be the call and response from the bottomless pit I remain nonchalant when the drama get thick The last call, ballin up my palm in a fist The most common misperception is this Drop a tape, rock a show, sign a line, Hit the road, hit some hoes, videos Next you know you'll be ballin and shit But you'll be callin it quits When all the cards start to fall in a ditch Cuz temptation is so hard to resist Know there's no such thing as an unjustified existence Except perhaps a few thousand rappers in this business Finish what I start, scientifically, strategically Specifically addressing the oblivion we livin in My brethren and sisteren, I'm speaking, are you listening? Freedom been imprisoned by the television image If you let it instead, get affected by your habitat Ask a few questions, quit a few bad habits And after that handle this, similar to how Xavier McDaniel did in '86 We're talking just a little less shit And lately been mindful of the babies I admit But at nighttime I sit, serenaded by the blues of the skyline hue Reminded me of the time when the old was new, and I.... Spark a fire for the cold in the dark Peace and war, both pumpin soul in my heart And no they can't keep what they stole from the art And they love to see beef cuz it throws us apart More fire for the people (more fire for the people) Say more jobs for the people (more jobs for the people) And more books for the people (more books for the people) And more music for the people (more music for the people) As the world hurls toward seven billion more listeners Seven hundred plus either killed or held prisoners Seven thousand one hundred islands I been missin Cuz I grind from seven to five I don't write the scriptures As hot as the block gets its cold contradiction Pen drips with honesty, I don't offer fiction Throw competition the bone that they try to pick with me And learn the moral lesson and marchin forward to victory No flag wavin celebratin your invasion You call it thanksgiving, we call it things taken Everyone lookin for the ladder, not the answer to the question Waitin til the cancers in regression Fresh from the northwest, the hottest thing lately Like white celebrities buying black and brown babies Got the town crazy over beats rhymes and life Peace with Adobo grease, eggs, and brown rice And I.... Spark a fire for the cold in the dark Peace and war, both pumpin soul in my heart And no they can't keep what they stole from the art And they love to see beef cuz it throws us apart More fire for the people (more fire for the people) More food for the people (more food for the people) More homes for the people (more homes for the people) More clothes for the people (more clothes for the people) More schools for the people (more schools for the people) More land for the people (more land for the people) More life for the people (and more life for the people) Yo, I've seen souls get sold so coldly Seen what a dollar can do to the tired and true I speak boldly, composed of a melody told Whenever we hold the memory close No tellin when the reaper finna post And snatch a fan Something that you can't capture with a camera lens Amalgamation of the bolo and the hammer and pen The truth hurts, no wonder the people rather pretend I annihilate a fake persona for spare change Everybody self included is fair game Inherited the trait to make both ends meet Often make a brother feel like he gotta compete But with each release I reach for peace Others quick to reach for the piece from here to beacon to beach You see, freedom of speech don't apply if you're silent I shout like I'm trying to get heard on the Island Spark a fire for the cold in the d
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