Wordsworth - Right Now

Juiced - OST
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Исполнитель: Wordsworth
Альбом: Juiced - OST
Длительность: 03:33
Размер: 5,5 Мб
Рейтинг: 5164
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: quiksilverfan444
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Wordsworth - Right Now

Текст песни "Wordsworth - Right Now"

[Wordsworth Talking] Yeah whattup world Wordsworth you know what I'm sayin Ain't no better time than that Ain't no better time than the present We gonna get into the situation for the situation So I can talk about the situation You know what I'm sayin Ayatollah on the beat Let's do it [Verse 1] Right now you're privileged My freestyle and phenomenal writtens Gives y'all a conflict of interest Whenever I star the entrance line is so far in distance You think up ahead is a car collision If you heard or read separately That I smashed a celebrity's integrity Believe it's all fact not allegedly Murder y'all professionally no hype man next to me That only puts him in jeopardy of bein an accessory Can't control my conduct facin you The radio adds to the ratio of bein confrontational My concerts pay per view's capable of enragin you To drive a car or truck with a bomb duck taped to you Put you arms up got you raisin your hands Like you confused about the rules before you take your exam Like your left one's on the bible before takin the stand Words is the inspiration for the creation of man [Chorus] Wait ladies and gentlemen glad y'all waited Thanks but I need you attention (right now) We finally headed in the right direction to get it Ain't no better time than the present [Verse 2] Throughout the metropolitan I got a cult followin Sore throat swallowin from sittin close hollerin Some listeners rhyme but after they listen to mine The list to resign looks like a petition was signed C'mon you gotta believe my lyrics guided your seed Put 'em in the album cover and it got 'em to read You not in my league my flow's cold in the hottest degrees Can seize and cause liquor in a bottle to freeze A lotta emcee's when they see me on the streets try me But they only claim to fame is gettin beat by me But if you recollect and did a background check Of my past I bet I wouldn't be at sound check When we collaborate to my madness their's no method I don't care if we in the same room or we wrote separate If I'm first or third fourth or I go second Unless I'm last the DJ won't play the whole record [Chorus] [Verse 3] In every class their's a clown so when I ask the crowd Are there rappers around the whackest always has to get loud With a pack or a pile of cats all night they hassle and hound My crew so they can try to battle me now So here's a comparison to narrow it down My delivery's by air and yours travels by ground Cause lightenin to flash thunder claps in the clouds You can't counteract when you're under attack from the sound Security won't tackle you down your neck I'll throw a lasso around Hang you two feet from tappin the ground As of (right now) Words is more anticipated Than a patient waitin for a transplant match to be found [Chorus]
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