Big Punisher - You Ain't A Killer

Capital Punishment
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Big Punisher
Альбом: Capital Punishment
Длительность: 04:15
Размер: 9,87 Мб
Рейтинг: 1767
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Vizy
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Big Punisher - You Ain't A Killer

Текст песни "Big Punisher - You Ain't A Killer"

[Verse 1] The harsh realities of life is takin tolls Even Jesus Christ forsake my soul Please tell me what price to pay to make it home Take control, I'm makin dough, but not enough to blow J.O.'s, they lust my flows, but aiyyo, I don't trust a soul That's all I know or need to, these evil streets'll meet you halfway and eat you, I laugh tryin to survive illegal I leave you lost, bounce you on the cross, rip you like a horse Sacrife your life to a higher force Then I stomp your corpse it's the Bronx of course recognize the accent? One of the last livin still in action, general assassin Catchin any wreck, blastin any tech Smashin any chest, passin any test, Charles Manson in the flesh Any last requests before you meet your maker? Sew what you reap a wake up, shakin up a storm like Anita Baker I'll take you straight to hell and fill your heart with hate Incarcerate your fate in Satan's fiery lake, then I lock the gate Make no mistake, "The Shit is Real" as Joe, we follow the killer's code When we come for you, tell me where will you go? Nowhere to run, hide, I'll find you and and silence your screams And even if you kill me I'll still be in your fuckin dreams [Hook] You ain't a killer, you still learnin how to walk From New York to Cali all the real niggaz carry chalk Mark you for death, won't even talk that East and West crap From Watts to Lefrak, it ain't where you're from it's where's your gat [Verse 2] You made a grave mistake Shouldn't of come here, you changed your fate Your brains'll make the debut on the table when I raise the stakes The pain is great but only for a second It starts strong then lessens Just when you restin the Armaggedon sets in Left him with so much stress (T.S.) blessed him with no regrets (yes) Welcome to Hell son, the threshold of death Now face the serpent, I blaze your person you get laced for certain Even Jakes don't trace the work so close the case to curtains I'm hurtin, head severely really tryin to bring the pain There's nuttin mo' satisfyin than when you cryin screamin my name It's not a game, it's Purple Rain, floods and bloodstains Big Pun's my thug's name, bustin my guns, that's my love thang I split the jug' vein and snatch your Adam's Apple John Madden tackle your corpse then hoist it on the cross at the tabernacle That'll have to hurt, I'll work your body 'til it burst Then curse tu vida, like a Brujeria verse I'm worse than anything you ever been through Sick in the head and mental Essentially meant to be the soul frentic mental When you awaken, your manhood'll be taken Fakin like you Satan, when I'm the rhymin abomination [Hook] - 2X [Verse 3] It's hard to analyze which guys is spies, be advised people We recognize who lies, it's all in the eyes chico We read 'em and see 'em for what they are Theives in undercover cars, takin my picture like I'm a fuckin star I'm up to par, my game is in a smash With half a million in the stash Passport with the gas, first name and last Ask anybody if my men are rowdy Give me the mini-shottie I body a nigga for a penny probably I'm obligated to anything if it's crime related If it shine I'll take it, still in my prime and I finally made it I hate the fact that I'm the last edition Probably a stash magician Could of went to college and been a mathematician Bad decisions kept me out the game Now I'm strickly out for cream Doin things to fiends I doubt you'll ever dream My team's the meanest thing you ever seen Measured by the heaven's King, down to the devil's mezzanine I never screamed so loud, I'm proud to be alive Most heads died by twenty-five, or catch a quick 3 to 5 So be advised, the street
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