A*Teens - Under the Sea

Disneymania, Vol.1
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Исполнитель: A*Teens
Альбом: Disneymania, Vol.1
Длительность: 03:24
Размер: 4,68 Мб
Рейтинг: 508
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Fluffy
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A*Teens - Under the Sea

Текст песни "A*Teens - Under the Sea"

We're steppin' in, we're not steppin' out. We are going to step aside, let A*Teens pick up the style. Ah! Show them it! The seaweed is always greener, In somebody else’s lake. You dream about goin’ up there.... But that is a big mistake Just look at the world around you; Right here on the ocean floor: Such wonderful things surround you; What more are you lookin’ for? Under the sea, under the sea Darling it’s better Down where it’s wetter, Take it from me. Up on the shore they work all day, Out in the sun they slave away While we're devoting Full time to floating Under the sea. Huh, we're gonna make it so. Watch out! Down here all the fish are happy; As off through the waves day roll... The fish on the land ain’t happy; They're sad 'cause they in their bowl. The fish in the bowl are lucky, They're in for a worser fate... One day when the boss get hungry... Guess who's goin’ be on the plate? Under the sea, under the sea Nobody beat us Fry us and eat us in fricasee... We're what the land folks love to cook, Under the sea we off the hook, We got no troubles life is the bubbles Under the sea, (under the sea) under the sea, (under the sea) Since life is sweet here We've got the beat here naturally(naturally)... Even the strugeon an' the ray, They get the urge an’ start to play, We got the spirit, You got to hear it under the sea (under the sea)... The newt play the flute The carp play the harp The plaice play the bass And they soundin sharp. The bass play the brass The chub play the tub The fluke is the duke of the soul (oh yeah) They ray he can play He lings on the strings He trout rockin’ out The blackfish she sings The smelt and the sprat They know where it’s at An’ Oh. That blowfish blow Under the sea, (under the sea) Under the sea, (take it from me) We're what the land folks love to cook Under the sea we're off the hook We got no troubles life is the bubbles, Under the sea Under the sea, (under the sea) under the sea, (under the sea) When the sardine Begin the beguine it’s music to me... What do they got, a lot of sand We got a hot crustacean band Each little clam here Know how to jam here under the sea (under the sea) Each little slug here Cutting a rug here under the sea (under the sea) Each little snail here Know how to wail here That’s why it’s hotter under the water Yeah, we in luck here Down in the muck here under the sea!! (Woo!)
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