Inspectah Deck - Big City

The Movement
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Inspectah Deck
Альбом: The Movement
Длительность: 03:34
Размер: 8,19 Мб
Рейтинг: 456
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Music_fan
320 Кб/с

Inspectah Deck - Big City

Текст песни "Inspectah Deck - Big City"

[Intro: Inspectah Deck] Yeah, yeah, yo [Inspectah Deck] We pray for a better today, Glocks and berettas spray Everyday, how did I survive yesterday? I can't call it, cops shot the alcoholic The fiend saw it, he got the gun, he want a dime for it The hood life, chicks and thugs, crips and bloods Dippin' on the judge, pushin' whips and drugs Burnin' big buds, gettin' love, spinnin' them dubs For the taste of it, the low lifes'll split your mug It's the home of the brave, the zone of the slave We all want it, but gettin' it's, a whole 'nother page The young guns wantin' respect, flossin' the tech Bitches wanna strip, now it's all for the check Yo, everyday, lives at stake, pies to bake Same knife that cuts your throat divides the cake For the hustlers, thugs, who scheme to survive And all in between, scream "Fuck a 9 to 5" [Hook: Inspectah Deck] In the bright lights, the big city The thieves stay crawlin' at night, with eyes shifty In the bright lights, the big city The fiends come sortin' the price, with nine fifty In the bright lights, the big city They squeeze off, lustin' for shine and die quickly In the bright lights, the big city The streets take a whole of your mind, it gets gritty [Inspectah Deck] Daydreams, bought and sold The high price we livin' might cost your soul Secret indictments, furrows, with roll hoes Codefendant, I hope he don't tell what he knows Exposed to a life of crime since I was nine Gettin' money by design, despite the time Hustlin' to be a man and feed my fam My wife, my seed, my land, completes the plan Please understand, either legal or scam I see the thieves in the van, I can't beat the man Still monster ballin', eatin', speakin' ebonics Wit foreign cars, custom made clothes and chronic Bank rolls and prophets, shine solar powered Fine hoes that's bout it, long as you keep they nose powdered Obey street laws, careful what you say You can play, but you might not make it through the day [Hook] [Inspectah Deck] It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder How I keep from goin' under, I'm used to gettin' over I'm deep in the middle, indeed the heat sizzle For the littlest beef, even the seeds keep pistols Foreigners talk funny, friends they want from me But all I need is long money and a strong honey I need it "fast", I'm "furious" like Vin Diesel I'm lookin' at my plate wit food for ten people So, do what you gotta do, do what you want to The blocks hot like a sauna, cops try to pawn you The fiends trick you, dude behind you wanna get you On the grind, your best friend'll talk for a figure Walk wit a nigga, see it, don't talk about it, be it Don't walk around, then beat it, we all bound to feel it This ain't the town (for real), so watch your tour (that's right) What's goin' down (what's up), its poppin' off [Hook] [Outro: Inspectah Deck] Gritty...
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