Murphy Lee - Stomp (feat. King Jacob)

The Longest Yard - OST / Всё или ничего - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Rap / OST
Исполнитель: Murphy Lee
Альбом: The Longest Yard - OST / Всё или ничего - Саундтрек
Длительность: 04:26
Размер: 10,15 Мб
Рейтинг: 5607
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Samovar
320 Кб/с

Murphy Lee - Stomp (feat. King Jacob)

Текст песни "Murphy Lee - Stomp (feat. King Jacob)"

[Murphy] Yo y'all got another pair headphones in there I could use? [King Jacob] Uhh, King Jacob Yeah, Fala Beats Murph, Durph, ohh (Derrty E.N.T.) We all we got [Chorus: King Jacob] My niggaz we gon' stomp, that's what we gon' do The girls gon' bounce, the gangstas gon' groove My nigga we gon' stomp, that's what we gon' do The playas gon' win, the haters gon' lose I said we gon' stomp, that's what we gon' do The girls gon' bounce, the gangstas gon' groove My nigga we gon' stomp, that's what we gon' do The playas gon' win, the haters gon' lose I said we gon' stomp [King Jacob] 7 in a day roller, bong smoker, dope choker Fo'-fo' two hundred spoker, Polo sporter, bet I poke her Call me Mr. Roper, medulla oblongata slicer Shoot dice up, pursue the juice that move the price up 'F' you if you don't like us, fool, your life up Me removin my foot from ya ass know that's that screwed my Nike up Like Ruben I'm uhh, "Sorry" for my rap presence in the game bein Derrty Now I rock 'til two-thousand-forty Last call for that Bacardi It be me bein corny on TV with Barbies, think some girls in Cali saw me Cause I'm a flyer individual while hire individuals I'll fire individuals, I'm critical A King (King) named Jacob (Jacob) Me, Murph Durph make missies poke end up in mini-skirts Game shooter, high poster, aim through the center of the frame, we Derrty-ly Entertain [Chorus] [Murphy Lee] For you nosy, you nosy muh'fuckers, barbershop-ass niggaz Yo, aiyyo Timb' boots, starch jeans, brand new, white tee Hundred dollar button on, mo' colors than Ice-T Haters didn't like me, "School Daze" like Spike Lee Now most likely like Mike Tyson they bite me Dressed just like me, dreads just like me Nine times out of ten they more fruity than Hi-C Gon' head and bite him then, offer that fool a Heinekin Claimin that he tighter then, don't add up so I'm minus'in Always in her vagina when under blankets like Linus man (Why?) Cause I da man and all royal My Highness and Rolls truck, turkey leather seats with a hole in it Beef-brown woodgrain, pork didn't go with it Fish tank in the trunk, chickenhead on my lap Even King Jacob, now he gettin head in the back Hoes, clothes, automo's, smokin 'dro, all I know All them questions leave 'em on the other side of the MO [Chorus] [Prentiss Church] We gon' stomp down the club flo', stomp down the punk ho Stuck coast-to-coast niggaz slump from the steel-toe Write me a stomp rhyme, beat down and stomp mines Beat a punk nigga to the flo' and you know it's stomp time Fuck a two-step, like a band march On the good foot, for your hood boy Church better recognize, Mr. Prentiss for president Bitches better pay ya ties, we keep a rappin veteran Derrty knockin let me in, known for kickin the door dawg Think that you better niggaz show me, let's have a stomp-off Go hard, stack your cheese up until you can't see the sky Haters be hatin, love to hate me but wanna be this guy Catch him at his foul play, hawk him like a hallway Chalk him and mash him, happens often, matter fact, all day Haters can't stand us, stomp if ya cash up Hoes twist that ass up, now stomp - c'mon, faster [Chorus]
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