Big Mike - Havin Thangs

Dangerous Minds - OST / Опасные мысли - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Big Mike
Альбом: Dangerous Minds - OST / Опасные мысли - Саундтрек
Длительность: 04:45
Размер: 10,92 Мб
Рейтинг: 845
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Dimaestro
320 Кб/с

Big Mike - Havin Thangs

Текст песни "Big Mike - Havin Thangs"

Fly hoes and chains and swangin thangs Just another young nigga havin thangs, mayn [ VERSE 1 ] Time brings change and change comes with time Throughout these years I learned to get down for mine Had to do some crime with the attitude of not giving a fuck Born with no luck, refused to stay stuck I made the bucks, did what I had to, I did what I could My rise to the top was no surprise cause I knew that I would Make it, oh, the chance, I had to take it Fake it never because that nigga was too clever If there ever was a motherfucker down for his crown It had to be me, the B-i-g M-i-k-e, straight gee Come sun down, come sun up, gun up For them niggas who wanna run up Whatchamacallit came up short, that nigga done what? Fool, this big black nigga don't go for no losses I had to get rid of my runner, so I recruited more horses Down with neighborhood bosses, I made a connection and rose Later for elbows and Vogue's, I just kick back and stack rolls and hoes [ Hook: Pimp C ] [ VERSE 2 ] Times are changing, I'm living my life in and out the door, black Lounging here and there, somethin screamin in my ear "Michael go back home," but I ain't really sure, black I gots to get my shit together the right way, nigga, I know that Coming up short swinging by the tail and Thinking of a master plan, this nigga's bailing Down the road, and I promised not to look back At what I once had, what I have now, what I left, and what I once took, black Shook that, now I'm in my own realm Controlling shit, kicking it, never knew life could be so damn well I got mine, everything fell in line Time brought change and change came with time [ Hook: Pimp C ] [ VERSE 3 ] Lock another nigga up, throw away the fucking key That's the way they punish me, motherfuck society I could spend a century in the penitentiary It won't make a difference, gee, cause ain't nobody missing me Round and round and round we go, a different day, a different face Damn, I wish I could run away, I hate this motherfucking place Too many goddamn rules, that's why I quit school Giving me a crooked test, I ain't no damn fool Can't walk out my house because they always in my face And if I step out of place they wanna give me a case Ain't no difference between society and the jailhouse Everybody's locked up and wanna get the hell out Just cause you ain't locked down you think you got it good But you better think again cause the police Are checking niggas in the neighborhood Beating our ass down Cause society is just like the pen, so get ready for the lockdown Clock now while you can, man Huh, cause it's all about havin' thangs And I'mma get mine, fool Time brought change and change came with time [ Hook: Pimp C ]
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