Redman - Gilla House Check

Waist Deep - OST / Перехват - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Rap / OST
Исполнитель: Redman
Альбом: Waist Deep - OST / Перехват - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:02
Размер: 7,01 Мб
Рейтинг: 922
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: S_J
320 Кб/с

Redman - Gilla House Check

Текст песни "Redman - Gilla House Check"

[Intro] + (Redman) Get a fuckin bleedin house mate! (Yeah!) (Gilla House!) Okay? Big Ben and all that fuckin bullshit (Gilla House, ya heard?) You fuckin Muppets, you fuckin cunts! (Gilla.. Gilla.. Gilla.. let's go!) [Redman] Yo, yo Muscle my way in, old fathers mine Tattooed Gilla, feelin in my prime Pull up a Coupe a color niggaz can't find Plasma TV on the mirror outside I overdo it strong, got chicks that buck ya down from Vietnam that look like Nia Long I'm hot, my collar stand up like The Fonz To hold my guns you need wet and karma bombs You got chubby? I got chubby too Me starve in the park, nigga you on ComicView You funny, I flood the area tsunami Wash out the weak niggaz, then I tag 'em _Dry Me_ I'm married to the game, the brass my music When Brick's in the house, there's a problem Houston! I guzzle Crunk Juice to the neck So when I walk in the party ain't nobody gon' do shurrr Redman is shurrr, it's the principality Oven like wurrrm for the lyrics I burrrn Nigga wait your turrrn, we can battle in a second So I can bankrupt ya like, Chapter 11 I'm the shit like Janet Jackson undressin Believe it, when I quarterback you receive it Same crib on MTV Cribs mine I ain't lyin cause my eyes redder than iodine I'm back muh'fucker, so up your chain I'ma leave the same way I came, that's thorough I run up in your hood like 80 deep Have it sound like _Drumlines_ at A&T, muh'fucker [Chorus: Redman] Gilla House - check, Def Squad - check White tee - check, Goretex - check When we said we number one - we lied We number one two three four AND five Gilla House - check, Brick City - check 89 - check, cash yo - check "They don't give a fuck about what y'all niggaz doin" {*scratch: "Holla at your b-boy-boy!*} [Redman] If you find a bag of weed on the floor, pick it up And if you find it I got 10 on the dub I'm hard to find like pickin weed out a rug I'm worldwide fool, I don't care about a buzz Dawn of the Red, goin for the bread I got pitbulls hooked on to a sled My block'll riot like they shot Cornbread The Pres'll find a missile with a foreign head KABOOM! Guess who stepped in the room? Streetsweeper out, ready to vacumn Then all of a sudden, you get it in the end Like Kane from Marlena cousin, I'm a menace I was broke as hell, first time I made it Now e'rything I own is voice activated Boy I'm lyin, I'm just tryin to make cheddar Cause my doorbell is rubbin two wires together [Chorus: Redman] Gilla House - check, Wu-Tang - check White tee - check, Nike Air - check When we said we number one - we lied We number one two three four AND five Gilla House - check, Uptown - check Purple haze - check, cash yo - check "They don't give a fuck about what y'all niggaz doin" {*scratch: "Holla at your b-boy-boy!*}
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