Fugees - Recharge

Blunted On Reality
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Fugees
Альбом: Blunted On Reality
Длительность: 05:10
Размер: 11,89 Мб
Рейтинг: 1343
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Fugees - Recharge

Текст песни "Fugees - Recharge"

"And when you feelin down.. recharge!"/ Now and, forevers, them emperors, are nova The lovin, the huggin, will never be over/Back up back up boy, don't get me started Still the MC, hit the target, you get bombarded yeah Affect the minds, let the blind evaporate Let me elaborate, ohhhhh nooooooo (it's too late) Push the button, cause I'ma get ?? Pass me a SCUD missle, so I can bomb the land Yo Pras (what?) Yo Pras (what?) Some start to wonder Some see lightning, some hear THUNDER Shades of a black man, maybe the black panther Makin MC's run when it come to rappin I'm the Darth Vader I'm not regular, consider me ir-regular from the regular rapper ones that lumber But I come from a slum where many bum Sometimes I cooled out, while my boys were in prison I always told them that right, overrules wrong cause ever since a boy mama told me judgment they will come son So I watch what I do, what I say, how I PLAY and hope that I make it through the next day Cause the streets are like a jungle, they got me say OH-AY-OH-AY-OH, cause Tarzan's a black man So I'm waiting for a break in the record company so I could take you MC's, back to camp I mean Cause with a flick of my wrist, I come rewind another RHYME I got more rhymes than a church got WINES Ever since middle school, I used to, rule The ?? mule, people called my talent beautiful Never lost a battle, they thought I was buckWILD ?? They didn't know that a ReFugee could rock so well So here's the resurrection, of Pras, Wyclef, and L Check me or my team as I recharge your body [4X] Livin to be given, chillin like Bob Dylan Like Michael I'm Thrillin, I'm not dealin to be illin Runnin a mask ??, like the task force The cause is laws, the laws that broke your jaw now I'm, gettin raw on a thing like a mean machine (Why you runnin around with the same old thing? Humm.. you know what I mean, yeah) I search and search, I start to faint but never never never fall in entertain Don't beam me up Scotty, I'm audi like John Gotti Drivin in black Caddy/ Success for the next man is success for myself Vanity's vanity yet I still wanted wealth I know there's a true God, but it still makes me think of Yusef.. now is the notty dread dead? Believe in the Bible because it promise eternity Six six six, that makes you, my adversary So I, watch my back and hopin I don't get taxed I used to, rip the rapper cause they said we'd been said wack I know what the critics they say, keep it commercial I used to freestyle, but everything now is rehearsal I miss the old school, so tell me what will I do? I guess I'll start a revolution with the Tranzlator Crew, so../ Check me or my team as I recharge your body [8X] Check it out all MC's I'm about to pull out my slingshot Here it comes!/Me lick me one, me lick me one one Me lick me one, me lick me one one Me lick me onnnnnnnnnnne Me come for them alllllllll Me lick me one one one, lick bumba rum Follow me follow me follow me follow me Me lick me one, me lick me one one Me lick me one, me lick me one one Me lick me onnnnnnnnnnne Me come for them alllllllll Me lick me one one one, lick bumba rum Follow me follow me follow me follow me (Me lick me one one)/ They label me (WHAT?) the MC psycho Prim' you up, but don't mistake me for Sunoco Cuss to get loose, now you got the micro' Joe Who talkin about hope? Poquito dinero means I work hard, but got no money, and that ain't funny Hey honey when you work for free see it's hard to get a lady baby But they say good things come to those wait So I wait, no ego trip, and on the mic I penetrate Elevate as I battle for high stakes Many gamble, I eat you like an ANIMAL cause he gambled for the dime that he didn't have He woke up in a dream and found his body in a body bag
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