Army of the Pharaohs - Battle Cry

The Torture Papers
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Hardcore Rap / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Army of the Pharaohs
Альбом: The Torture Papers
Длительность: 06:06
Размер: 14,23 Мб
Рейтинг: 1862
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
320 Кб/с

Army of the Pharaohs - Battle Cry

Текст песни "Army of the Pharaohs - Battle Cry"

[Apathy] I put you up on the IV, not the Roman Numeral 4 But the IV that leads to the funeral floor Wax gets melted; breaks bones, fractures pelvics Speeds through space and cracks blast Astronaut helmets Face it, motherfucker I can pay to get rid of you I've got more heads in the hood than Pagan rituals A new tyrannical force for you to fear Known to kill and keep human ears as souvenirs A shape shifter face slitter, paper getter Tape your sister, rape your sister Make your sister take it in the face And if you're facing us, block off a 30 block radius I throw more blows than boxing Dr. Octavius [King Syze] Ever since we made some noise I learned people love a winner We the quality of deep dish rims, y'all the hub spinners Tough sinners, break bread with Jesus at dinner Protected by a heavenly force, fuck a minister Niggaz know better, no one's letter is better than mine Everytime I rhyme, it's metal; the terror level is high Plus I testify, it's best you die Then find the truth deep down in a mountain of lies Downsize, I'm ousting you guys deep in the dirt Clocking in and out of rap, have y'all fiending for work When I breed it, yo it's treason what the semen is worth Non-believing, make me steaming, make you meeting the earth [Crypt the Warchild] Ayo it's my world and I wont stop And if you stand in my way you bound to get popped In the land where you lay, invade from straight shots I demand that you pay and stray from straight blocks I'm the man that you pray, don't spray the flames hot I could tan in the blaze for days and stain cops I astound and amaze, y'all praise the same god I'm a pound out your brain and scrape the graveyard Have you shout out in pain, y'all say y'all bravehearts I'm a box up your frame and play the same card And I'm out for fame, spacebars and quasars Pharoahs locked the game, no shame, we hate y'all [Vinnie Paz] Yeah! Raw muthafuckin rap! Hardcore shit! Ninety four shit Shoot the fuckin place up, yeah! [Des Devious] AOTP blast through your army fatigues Damage your team, competition done it with ease Gun in my sleeve cause now a days homicide is my steez Collecting my cream, I'm living your dream and peeping your scheme Put you on lean from right hooks, pausing your jux You fake crooks need to hit them books Learn the rules of the game Two to your brain, three to your frame, incredible pain You getting drenched in that November rain We the opposite of that whack shit Trash man of clap rapping, you die, trash it Five six professional assassins Rocking these mics and repping my fam' with passion Remember its Q-Dement', you bastards [Esoteric] Tell your man and your parents we be demanding that Brandon appearance At a minimum my venom damage your lyrics We be like Manny Ramirez, comes out at fall With the radical, magical, and emphatical I'ma battle till I scatter your clavicle Call me admiral, raising the temp of the room I'm the emperor, remember I never surrender, I dismember platoons Your petty men are bafoons We send them to their doom, a stab of my venom enters their wounds I mentally bloom, exhume tombs with dope lyrics Tupac's alive and well, Big L 'The Devil's Son' ??? with dope lyrics Live in regret, AOTP these shook rappers hit the deck [Chief Kamachi] Courtesy of the streets, make it a microphone Middle East My speciality, only rhymer enveloping my lyric sheets Knock turbans off of Sheiks Use a pipe bomb Downtown Israeli boutiques full of dead tourists With they dreams no longer in arms reach That's what I call 'Dealing with calm speech' When I alarm your peeps Inscribed in a peasants palm is a blessed psalm If you draw and your weapons wrong, there ain't no stepping on My for
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