Army of the Pharaohs - Listen Up

The Torture Papers
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Hardcore Rap / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Army of the Pharaohs
Альбом: The Torture Papers
Длительность: 04:02
Размер: 9,51 Мб
Рейтинг: 553
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
320 Кб/с

Army of the Pharaohs - Listen Up

Текст песни "Army of the Pharaohs - Listen Up"

[Intro: Crypt the Warchild] Yeah...Once again It's like this.. AotP, we runnin' this rap shit now Celph Titled, we runnin' this rap shit now ES, we runnin' this rap shit now Warchild, niggaz runnin' this rap shit now [Verse 1: Celph Titled] It's about to be a motherfuckin' slaughter in this bitch We got the awfullest clips, rusty burners with the rotten rubber grips We some hardcore crooks, drinkin' rubbing alcohol Never use a rubber at all, we fuckin' bitches raw Chokin' up your faculty, turn your whole "gang green" Unload the magazine to your knees, give you a gangsta lean Military minded, on the A-Train with a deranged brain I was buildin' the walls of hell way before the flames came And bitches love me with a MAC-11 Tellin' the police sketch artist I look like Jon B. with a deadly weapon Keepin' it ghetto even when it's war, ock Rockin' jean shorts and a tanktop, loadin' shells in the tank top Aimin' the cannon to blast you where you standin' You could be in Montana campin', but your head'll land in the Hamptons Won't grin for the camera when you clickin' it at me But I'll smile with a gun in my hand, I'm trigger happy [Chorus x2: Crypt the Warchild + Vinnie Paz] Listen up, it's murder music 'till your wrist is cut Fire octane, nigga y'all can sip it up We do this rap shit here so we can live it up We walk around with hot flames runnin', give it up [Verse 2: Esoteric] You could never fathom the level beyond your God or your Devil If every thought is a pebble (my style's boulder, I told you) A radical rebel and yes the jacket's full-metal And men I'm hackin' through several (I'm like a soldier, I'll fold you) A blow to your composure, heat of the moment I be meat-cleavin' a bleedin' opponent, he didn't want it These heathens try to eat off me but they repeatedly clone it This industry is mine, I can put my feet way up on it I put my people up on it, my sinister and lethal ministry of evil Turn a Vinnie Diesel to a skinny weasel I'm the pinnacle and steeple of this faction, feeble men I'm smashin' Playin' God? you ain't Jim Caviezel with The Passion Automatic how I'm causin' havoc, I body maggots Who thought they brought the static, they probably addicts And fiendin' for a bag of this antagonistic savageness You talkin' platinum but ain't crackin' pitchers' batting averages [Chorus x2: Crypt the Warchild + Vinnie Paz] Listen up, it's murder music 'till your wrist is cut Fire octane, nigga y'all can sip it up We do this rap shit here so we can live it up We walk around with hot flames runnin', give it up [Verse 3: Crypt the Warchild] Don't make me get your fuckin' face broken I ain't jokin' when I'm flamethrowin' I'll spit a verse at you to slit your fuckin' veins open I'll spit a curse or two just to keep the rain pourin' I'll lift the skirt of you to see you pussies ain't workin' I'll live to murder you until I see the game's over We never heard of you and 'cause of that, the name's worshipped (It's the Army, cocksuckers) Get it correct Or y'all can find sharp things straight embedded in necks I rep my team to the death, I will slice your people Wave my flags in the air, plus the knives are lethal Hottest shit to hit the streets since Nas did Ether Now we pick at your soul and let your conscience eat ya And take over, Crypt, Es, and Celph You reap what you sow, so protect ya health, NIGGA [Vinnie Paz] Yeah motherfuckers! That's how we get fuckin' down AotP, Vinnie P., Crypt the Warchild, Celph Titled Esoteric, Chief Kamach', Planetary, Apathy [Chorus x2: Crypt the Warch
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