Текст песни Lil' Kim - This Is A Warning (feat. Lil' James)

La Bella Mafia
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Lil' Kim
Альбом: La Bella Mafia
Длительность: 03:43
Рейтинг: 483
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Загрузил: gromit


[Lil' Kim - speaking] Yo.. I just don't understand Lately, it seems like.. I don't know It just seems like.. it seems like Everybody wants [Lil' Kim - singing] My style, my life, my blood My shoes, my clothes, my gear My watch, my rings, my chain My cars, my money, my home My body, my sweat, my tears My power, my fame, my strength My shit, my this, my that Bitches, please! [Chorus: Lil' Kim] If you don't stop; Someone's gonna find yo' ass dead (this is a warning) Someone's gonna poison your food (this is a warning) Someone's puttin tags on your toes (this is a warning) Someone better pray for you (this is a warning) Someone's gonna get yo' keys (this is a warning) Someone's gonna open your door (this is a warning) Someone's gonna creep in your house (this is a warning) And put the {*chk-chk*} straight in your, mouuuuuth ... This is a woman's, THREAT (this is a woman's) [Lil' Kim - singing with "whoa, whoa whoa, whoa" repeating] Have you ever heard the story, about the M.A.F.I.A. tip See Big Poppa was shot, a long long long long time ago And when he was killed, he left me with the throne And now it seems like, everyone wants my blood [Chorus] w ad libs [Lil' Kim - over Chorus] Don't stop, no no You'll be sorry Keep doin it, you'll see You'll be cryin I know, whatchu doin Cause I'm watchin Hohhhhohhhohhhhohoohohohhhhohohhhhhhh OhhhhohhhohhhhohoohohohhhhohohhhhhhhOhhhhohhhohhhhohoohohohhhhohohhhhhhh OhhhhohhhohhhhohoohohohhhhohohhhhhhhOhhhhohhhohhhhohoohohohhhhohohhhhhhh {*laughing*} Aiyyo! {*snickering*}
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