Текст песни Lil' Kim - The Jump Off (feat. Mr. Cheeks)

La Bella Mafia
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Lil' Kim
Альбом: La Bella Mafia
Длительность: 03:54
Рейтинг: 840
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Загрузил: gromit


[Intro: Lil' Kim] (Mr. Cheeks) Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (Yeah) Aiyyo Tim man this the jump off right here man! (Jump off!) Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (It's Queen Bee nigga) It's the jump off (Come on) [Verse 1: Lil' Kim] (Mr. Cheeks) I been gone for a minute now I'm back at the jump off (Jump off) Goons in the club incase somethin jumps off And back up before the hive let the pump off In the graveyard is where you get dumped off All we wanna do is party (Woo!) And buy everybody at the bar Bacardi (Woo!) Black Barbie dressed in Bogardy I'm tryin to leave in somebody's Ferrari Spread love that's what a real ma do Keep it gangsta look out for her people (For her people) I'm the wicked bitch of the east, you better keep the peace (Aiyyo!) Or out come the beast We the best still there's room for improvement Our presence is felt like a Black Panther movement Seven quarter to eights back to back with 'em (Back to back) And I'm sittin on chrome seven times platinum [Chorus: Lil' Kim & Mr. Cheeks] This is for my peeps, with the Bentleys, the Hummers, the Benz Escalades twenty three inch rims (Oh!) Jumpin out the Jaguar with the Timbs, keep it real And live good, East coast West coast worldwide All my playas in the hood stay fly And if your ballin let me hear you say right (Right) [Verse 2: Lil' Kim] (Mr. Cheeks) It's Lil' Kim and Timbaland niggas shit ya drawers (Come on) Special delivery for you and yours (Now) I rep for bitches he rep for boys (Uh ha) If you rep for your hood then make some noise I got my eye on the guy in the Woolrich coat Don't he know Queen Bee got the ill deep throat? Uh! Let me show you what I'm all about How I make a Sprite can disappear in my mouth....HO!!!! Shake up the dice, throw down your ice (What) Bet it all playa fuck the price Money ain't a thing throw it out like rice Been around the world cop the same thing twice Rub on my tits (Huh!) squeeze on my ass (Oooh!) Gimme some UH!!! step on the gas (Ah) Pop the cork and roll up the hash (Roll it!) You know what we about, sex, drugs and cash [Chorus] [Verse 3: Lil' Kim] (Mr. Cheeks) Enter the world of the Playboy pin up girl Buttnaked dressed in nothin but pearls You wanna meet me cause ya, know I'm freaky And ya, wanna eat me cause ya, say I'm sexy Got a man in Japan and a dude in Tahiti Believe me sweety I got enough to feed the needy No need to be greedy I got mad friends that's pretty (Hey!) Chicks by the layers (And) all different flavors (Woo!) Mafioso that's how this thing go (Yeah) Now everybody come get with the lingo Shake your body body, move your body body (Body body) On the dancefloor don't hurt nobody body (Body body) I'm the one that put the Range in the Rover When I'm steppin out the Range yo it's over Comin through in the Brooklyn Mint gear We 'gone do this just like Big Poppa was here [Chorus] [Outro: Mr. Cheeks] Yeah, to the what, yeah, oh, yo, keep your bread up, yeah, and worldwide And stay fly nigga, yeah man, right right right right, Queen Bee, LB Two thousand and, fuckin three, why not? we makin it hot She back at it, why wouldn't she be? come on, yeah
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