Текст песни Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Down '71 (The Getaway)

E. 1999 Eternal
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Альбом: E. 1999 Eternal
Длительность: 04:50
Рейтинг: 1105
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Загрузил: MaxOfMobbDeep


Playa hatin' ass muthafuckas man fuck dat Man put that shit out man You ain't 'posed to be smokin' no muthafuckin' weed in court (Man fuck dat man they got my nigga) Man that shit ain't cool man (Okay order in the court) [Woman:] The people versus Bone Thugs N Harmony Case number C601999 [Judge:] Will The defendant please stand, Is there anything you wish to say on this matter before sentencing Bizzy Bone? [Bizzy:] No man (You know the muthafucka did it) [Judge:] Well the court sentences you to death by electric chair [Some guy laughs] [Verse 1: Bizzy Bone] We had to get 'em up wid two thugs Runnin' side by side wid number one Murda mo drop my guage on 'em When the po-po chase, If they catch me barehanded I'm done Rip's gripping the six shot pump, so spill it Copper lettin' the lead off Copper thought that he had me caught Little Layzie blew his head off (AAwwwwwww) Get him up, and get up, The bullets they start to get lit up, Number one best start duckin' wid ah gun already buckin' Bust me lead on the double glock 'n Where the fiends roll up for rocks 'n, This perfect getaway, From the pigs when I peel and I hit the fences, Rippin' up the trench and, I'm bailing while they trailing Better in hell than in the cell And it ain't no telling where the coppers be dwelling, One had spotted me, pick up ah piece and shot a me But I practice what I preach And see that these slugs up in his body got him, Run, wid smoke coming from the barrel ah me gun Hit the bend, oh what the dum dum I got yum yummed on the dead end They set in, then they lead in, They wanting me off in the coffin Cops from everywhere was yellin and wailin' I went unconcious, From the stompin' taking ah loss, and waking up in the coffin, And without no stallin' Cell I was tossed in to be arreigned at dawning, Looking in the eyes of a judge, He knew right where to put that thug Made to be so, wid no parole In the hole but I won't budge Sent me to deathrow, Watchin' the time by fly past But Rip'll be sittin' mindless never spineless, in silence Hoping I die fast, but chill, Never do, sleepa, gotta get put that on all me reefer Somehow must beat ya, so peep out the creep or the reaper will meet ya [Verse 2: Layzie Bone] Bailin' on ah mission, flippin' the script Betta check what the wind just blew in Betta think again, it's a preacher wid ah grin On ah mission for revenge, wid that Mack-10 Little nigga Rip, had to empty the clip Gotta pump them slugs up in them cops Steady made 'em drop glock went pop pop Goin' out like a thug on the double glock, Back from hell and ready to bail, Time to hit they trail cause they wanted my nigga fried Holdin' the Bible when I got a grenade I'ma go inside the squad, Gettin' ready for the rumble When I heard them mumbles, pullin' me guage in laughter Keep buckin 'em faster all I was thinkin' When I see them bustas scatter Betta watch out for them buckshots Cause them can't fade me guage, Gotta bust them souls in the grave, So I'm buckin' them straight to the pave, can't be saved, I'm bucking, little Ripster reinforcements comin' in faster Blast give my nigga double Zs the Mack-10 Lettin' the gun gun blaze on they ass, Gotta rip in them chests through vests Mack-10s, sawed off eruptions, got plenty ammunition No missing listen destruction I'm bustin' Cause I'm making that getaway, bound to getaway, Niggas got to escape and it's never to late When you dash and tryna' break Nigga just can't test the Bone fate We steadily runnin' duckin' Comin' up to the front door barri-caded, And I pulled ah grenade, tossed to the door, let it explode
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