Текст песни Plan B - Dead And Buried

Who Needs Action When You Got Words
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Plan B
Альбом: Who Needs Action When You Got Words
Длительность: 04:38
Рейтинг: 406
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Загрузил: bo4ugova


I'm dead and buried oh yeah, Hi my name is Jack and I'm living proof of a dead man walking, This spirit, this body that's still talking, It's too late to take precautions my whole worlds already fallen apart, broke as easy as porcelain And all because I didn't wear a hat when I fucked a yat, now I wish I never even took her back to my flat, I've been cursed from my dick to the hearse, I can't think of nothing worse and it hurts, 'Cos all this pain I've inflicted on myself, always thought casual sex would do me good never bad for my health, What a foolish thing to think, if I had an ounce of heart left it would probably sink, now I'm on the brink of death, Seemingly there was nothing left for me too look forward to in this life I leave, I'm at my wits end and I can no longer Pretend to be a happy person when'.. I'm dead and buried I'm dead and buried oh yeah, There ain't no hope left for me in this world no, I'm dead already, Can never live in heaven when I live in hell, I'm living in hell' Hi my name is Alex and I'm a drug addict name any illegal substance on this planet, I've had it, Leave anything valuable lying around and I'll grab it, I'll do absolutely anything to support my habit, 'Cos without my buzz I'm a nervous wreck, an insecure smackhead running out of veins to inject, Reality checks get me so upset, gonna make me realise my life's a fucking mess and I ain't got no where to go 'cos my Family hates me, paranoia sets in and the whole worlds against me, so I buy another 20 bag of scag, Take it all in one go like an arsehole being fucked by a fag, and all my worries get washed away in an instant, Yo as soon as the rush hits my brain there's a distance, between fact and fiction the truth hurts so much though I've Become a slave to this addiction, I owe dangerous people money I can't afford to pay, every penny gets spent on this Buzz my body craves, it's man made, A grade, powder with a dark shade I'm too far gone now to ever be saved'I'm Dead and buried I'm dead and buried oh yeah, There ain't no hope left for me in this world no, I'm dead already, Can never live in heaven when I live in hell, I'm living in hell' Alright listen up, can't tell you my name for legal purposes 'cos I'm a convicted felon, looking at 15 years inside and I'm Only 27, court told me they'd knock it down to at least 11, on good behaviour get bail after reduced sentence, But things ain't looking good for me back at the scrubs, already caught up in world of violence and drugs, walked into This shit with my eyes closed looking a mug, came in as a man now its turning me out as a thug, I've shank twin mates Already, one of them's dead the other's close to recovering and is after my head, there's nothing I can do now 'cos I've Made my bed, just gonna have to lie in it and watch where I tread, yo I made a mistake and I know that now, the only Reason I'm in here is 'cos I thought somehow that what I was doing was right, when I loaded up that shotgun and Attempted to end that mans life, yo what the fuck would you do if you was in my position? Found out your sisters been Beaten into submission, by her own boyfriend on the floor of her own kitchen and violently raped by him as he tells her To stop bitching, yeah you'd do the exact same thing as me, play God with a sawn off and cap him in his knee, you'd Chop his balls of if you had the opportunity, cut his dick in half and leave him with only an inch to pee, only to find out That it was all in vain 'cos your dumb bitch of a sisters got back together with him again, they're engaged to get Married, you're going insane, contemplating a life in prison where you're gonna remain, You're dead and buried' Oh yeah, I'm dead and buried, As good as already half
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