Текст песни (həd) p.e. - Amerikan Beauty

Only In Amerika
Жанр: Nu-Metal / Rapcore
Исполнитель: (həd) p.e.
Альбом: Only In Amerika
Длительность: 03:56
Рейтинг: 792
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Back door in the club I'm not lookin for love I'm lookin for a big butt To squeeze on these nuts I'm not tryin to think too much I'm just tryin to get fucked and drink too much Lil bitch - don't be so serious Don't get mad cuz your girls wanna be with us In the club - show love Have a drink on us "Hey yo dog I think this girl wants to get fucked" Hey Daddy can I talk to you Daddy I'm only seventeen But I know just what to do At the club Fools pay big money for me But Daddy you can get this lapdance here for free I need love Daddy Daddy give it to me It's my birthday Ahhight - then let me see your I.D. Cuz the last time I was fooled the bitch was just sixteen Big ass - big tits - she looked at least twenty-three I'm going straight to hell If fuckin you's wrong I don't wanna be right Hey baby girl I know just what to do I'ma slap your little ass Til it turns black and blue Now ya put on these heels and ya arch your back And I'ma crack ya ass in half With my eight inch staff In my parents bedroom? Yea - yea you know how we do it On my Mamma's bed? You go ahead and give me hed While my Daddy's workin? I got my own work to do On the kitchen table? I popped the cherry of the high school senior hed cheerleader Baby girl's hungry - so Daddy gotta feed her Inches - pull it out Then she blew me A teenage pussy is a thing of beauty I'm goin straight to hell.... If fuckin you's wrong I don't wanna be right I could fuck your life away Let me fuck your life away I don't wanna be right Fuck you Jailbait - jailbait - jailbait - jailbait She was like Damn what the fuck did you do to me? I was like Shut the fuck up - this ain't nothin new to me She was like You're suck a dick I hate you I was like Bitch shut up before I rape you I like fuckin these ninety-pounders I watch it go in I feel like I'm Shaqueil O'Neill and I'm fuckin the Olson Twins It don't take much more than a nice butt The slut smiles at me - the slut rides with me In the back of the suburban Leave the drivin to me Damn - I forgot to check that slut's I.D. Those big-ass-titties make it hard to see If fuckin you's wrong - I don't wanna be right
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