Текст песни 2pac - Murder Murder Feat Eminem

The Best Of Gansta Songs
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: 2pac
Альбом: The Best Of Gansta Songs
Длительность: 04:17
Рейтинг: 457
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Загрузил: SmokeDogg


Chorus: Eminem (repeat 4X) It's murder she wrote (it's murder she wrote) It wasn't nuttin for her to be smoked (for her to be smoked) [Eminem] Left the keys in the van, with a gat in each hand Went up in Eastland and shot a policeman Fuck a peace plan, if a citizen bystands the shit is in my hands, here's yo' lifespan And for what yo' life's worth, this money is twice than Grab a couple grand and lamp in Iceland See I'm a nice man but money turned me to Satan I'm thirsty for this green so bad I'm dehydratin Hurry up with the cash bitch, I got a ride waitin Shot a man twice in the back when he tried skatin I want the whole pie, I won't be denied nathan Maybe I need my head inside straightened Brain contemplatin, clean out the register Dip before somebody catches ya or gets your description and sketches ya The connection was the prime suspect But I ain't set to flee the scene of the crime just yet Cause I got a daughter to feed And $200 ain't enough to water the seed The best thing would be for me to leave Taco Bell and hit up Chess King And have the lady at the desk bring money from the safe in the back, stepped in wavin the Mac Cooperate, and we can operate, and save an attack This bitch tried escapin the jack Grabbed her by the throat, it's murder she wrote You barely heard a word as she choked It wasn't nuttin for her to be smoked But I slammed her on her back til her vertebrae broke Just then the pigs bust in yellin "Freeze" But I'm already wanted for sellin ki's And bunch of other felonies from A to Z like spellin bees So before I dropped to the ground and fell on knees I bust shots, they bust back Hit be square in the chest, wasn't wearin a vest Left the house, pullin out the drive backin out Blew the back end out this lady's Jag, started blackin out Pulled the Mac-10 out, stuck it in her face Shut your yackin mouth, 'fore I blow the brain from out the back ya scalp Drug her by her hair, smacked her up Thinkin fuck it, mug her while you're there, jacked her up Stole her car, made a profit Grabbed the tape from out the deck and offed it out the window Like the girl in "Set It Off" did Jetted off kid, stole the whip, now I'm a criminal Drove it through somebody's yard, dove into they swimmin pool Climbed out and collapsed on the patio I made it out alive but I'm injured badly though Parents screamin: "Son, go in and call the police Tell em there's a crazy man disturbing all of the peace!" Tried to stall him at least long enough to let me leap up Run in they crib and at least leave with some little cheap stuff Actin like they never seen nobody hit a ;ick before Smashed the window, grabbed the Nintendo 64 When they sell out in stores the price triples I ran up the block jumpin kids on tricycles and collided with an 80-year old lady with groceries There goes cheese, eggs, milk and Post Toasties Stood up and started to see stars Too many siren sounds, it seemed like a thousand police cars Barely escaped, must-a been some dumb luck Jumped up and climbed the back of a movin dump truck But I think somebody seen me maybe Plus I lost the damn Nintendo and I musta dropped the Beanie Baby Fuck it I give up, I'm surrounded in blue suits Came out with a white flag hollerin "TRUCE TRUCE" and surrendered my weapon to cops Wasn't me! It was the gangster rap and the peppermint Schnapps Chorus Chorus (repeats again to fade)
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