Текст песни Outworld - City of the Dead

Жанр: Power Metal / Progressive Metal / Shred Metal
Исполнитель: Outworld
Альбом: Outworld
Длительность: 07:11
Рейтинг: 655
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Загрузил: ssres


Across a sea of sand a treasure waits Buried 'neath the past, a living gate A voice ever calling me Through golden dreams... destiny "Damned is he who takes from the hand of my sleeping shadow" In the city of the Dead They come for everything Follow the voice that sings I crush they're unbelief Black wings await the thief I struggle on... I've journeyed for so long... for glory... They say I will be damned, entombed beneath the sand... A story My City of the Dead I'll Break your unbelief I reach the gate... no time to contemplate tomorrows A strange power holding sway Dark eyes within the maze "The Shadow" "Awake, I rise in wrath and call your name in a place closed... now open Damned is he who takes from the hand of my sleeping shadow Though he may have all that lay within... Forever" "You've come for everything I judge your unbelief" A story to be told a dream of shining gold... so hollow The fallen find their way, brave kings become the slaves... of " The Shadow" Pay the price
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