Текст песни Sungha Jung - Twist In My Sobriety

Perfect Blue
Жанр: Instrumental / Acoustic
Исполнитель: Sungha Jung
Альбом: Perfect Blue
Длительность: 03:34
Рейтинг: 671
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: DCLXVI


[Fm]All God's children need [Bbm]travelling shoes [C]Drive your problems from here[Fm] [Fm]All good people read[Bbm] good books [C]Now your conscience is clear[Fm] I hear you talk girl [C]Now your conscience is clear[Fm] [Fm]In the morning when I [Bbm]wipe my brow [C]Wipe the miles away[Fm] [Fm]I'd like to think I can [Bbm]be so willed [C]And never do what you say[Fm] I'll never hear you [C]And never do what you say[Fm] Chorus: [Fm]Look my [C]eyes are just holograms[Fm] Look your [C]love has drawn red from my hands[Fm] >From my hand[Bbm]s you know you'll never be[Fm] More than [C]twist in my sobriety[Fm] More than [C]twist in my sobriety[Fm] More than [C]twist in my sobriety [Fm][Bbm][C][Fm] [Fm]We just poked a little[Bbm] empty pie [C]For the fun the people [Fm]had at night [Fm]Late at night don't need host[Bbm]ility [C]Timid smile and [Fm]pause to free [Fm]I don't care about their[Bbm] different thoughts [C]Different thoughts are [Fm]good for me [Fm]Up in arms and [Bbm]chaste the whole [C]All God's children [Fm]took their toll Chorus [Fm][C/F][Fm][C][Fm][Bbm][C][C] [Fm]Cup of tea take [Bbm]time to think yeah [Fm]Time to risk a life[Bbm] for life for life [Fm]Sweet and handsome [Bbm]Soft and porky You [C]pig out 'til you've see the light[Fm] [C]Pig out 'til you've see the light[Fm] [Fm]Half the people [Bbm]read the papers [C]Read them good and well[Fm] [Fm]Pretty people [Bbm]Nervous people [C]People have got to sell[Fm] The [C]news you have to sell[Fm]
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