Текст песни John Frusciante ft. Josh Klinghoffer - A Firm Kick

Inside Of Emptiness
Жанр: Alternative Rock / Indie Rock / Art Rock
Исполнитель: John Frusciante ft. Josh Klinghoffer
Альбом: Inside Of Emptiness
Длительность: 04:33
Рейтинг: 625
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Загрузил: vasili305


A firm kick in the pants This last chance to get things right This was one time I closed an eye Looked away from you Look out for yourself tonight Sometimes I have to get things right I never meant what I said to you Give up all the things that you love to do I’d never guessed that you’d do me wrong I’ll never except that dance and song A little time to adjust Would be just what we need I’ve meant to tell you what I think that you think When I cross your mind Forgone Stressed at the light What’s wrong with being uptight I never say what I intend to But does it mean that much to you I’d close call with a glitch in time Are you really that happy to be mine No I’m not disguising All that fighting And dreams not coming true I will play some light from the sun The world by my side And I will see dawn as a forlorn maiden in the sky And I will play a song of thunder you may recognize You make a never That’s forever Knowing what you deny When I revisit the past it’s a blast I’ve just gotta move on I’ve just let down someone I relied on And I don’t see why How'd we pretty up that speech MC talking through me I’ve never done what I set out to do Don’t come to me ’cuz I’ll run from you Left out of life would I really care Not a whole lot There’s nothing for me there I’ll never forget the limits that we set Back when it was our moon And I never made a pretense of living with good sense It’s really not my strong suit.
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