Текст песни The Chameleons - Pleasure And Pain

Script Of The Bridge
Жанр: Gothic Rock / New Wave / Post-Punk
Исполнитель: The Chameleons
Альбом: Script Of The Bridge
Длительность: 05:12
Рейтинг: 481
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Stanny


White as a cotton cloud Silence sea and sky Innocent as the child Always asking why I can take you there I can show you I can take you there I'll be there Gently catching you as you fall Hearing you when you call Smiling as we climb Smiling or crocodiling? As certainly as the sun Bakes a Sahara day Ancient as the hills Crumbling into clay It's pleasure and pain No loss no gain Pleasure and pain Again and again Pleasure and pain This madness This laughter Outward feelings I can't control Those coloured lights are leading me It's in you It's in me
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