Текст песни Sting - Shape Of My Heart (From 'The Professional (Leon)' And 'Three Of Hearts')

At the Movies
Жанр: Pop
Исполнитель: Sting
Альбом: At the Movies
Длительность: 04:36
Рейтинг: 6011
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: savage1205


He deals the cards as a meditation And those he plays never suspect He doesn't play for the money he wins He don't play for respect He deals the cards to find the answer The sacred geometry of chance The hidden law of a probable outcome The numbers lead a dance I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier I know that the clubs are weapons of war I know that diamonds mean money for this art But that's not the shape of my heart He may play the jack of diamonds He may lay the queen of spades He may conceal a king in his hand While the memory of it fades
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