Текст песни Freakangel - The Last White Dance

The Faults Of Humanity
Жанр: Industrial / EBM
Исполнитель: Freakangel
Альбом: The Faults Of Humanity
Длительность: 04:14
Рейтинг: 918
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Manson_69


I'll burn in hell My life is a sin I'll burn in hell Don’t ask me to dream I’ll burn in hell Don’t need a helping hand I'll burn in hell I will burn in hell I see your desire And I feel your touch I know you’re liar And you hate me so much I need your desire And I need your touch You’re a fucking liar Fuck you very much Your skin has suffered from expectation Your flesh requires motherfucking salvation Your body’s now mine And you’re feeling so blind I know how to use you this fucking night It’s the end of my fears That begins with your tears I’m a reflection you see And you’ll never be free Close your tear-stained eyes I’m a trash of your life It is our dance… our last white dance
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