Текст песни Carcass - Forensic Clinicism / The Sanguine Article

Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious
Жанр: Goregrind
Исполнитель: Carcass
Альбом: Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious
Длительность: 07:11
Рейтинг: 1144
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Загрузил: astmatic


Salutiferous exaltation, through fusty spatterings I sift, Cauterizing proud flesh, pyogenic cortex I just yearn to rip, With impalpable, cathartic tools, dilapidated lusts I gratify, Cold premediated surgery, in my calculated surgery I hold your fragile life... Pultacious... Pugnacious... Pernicious... Acro-idiopathic... Artificially concussed, excavating to your gastric core, Patulous, deep wounds, cascading and crimson as I explore, Master at my bloody art, I like to carve sculpture and maim, Mounted on the freezer's geurney, you're exhibited until you enter into decay... Pultacious... Pugnacious... Delicious... Gastric-idiopathology... Welcome to my theatre, the stage upon which I act, Turning into a sumptuous perfomance, heiniously I hew and gash, Churning out a deep gulch, the incision a major nick, A quick toke of nitrous oxide is how I get my kicks... Expurgating healthy tissue, opulent flesh I slit, Costate cuts expunged as the patient I now fillet, Malpractising and mussing, carnage hyperventilates, Self placebonic, the only is operate... The recumbent are my prey - under my genital blade, Your precordium I brutally plunder - whilst you're put under Exanguinating - you're totally parched, Exenterating - removing body parts, Wholly abraded - Surgically maimed, Decortication - Medically slain Contaminating, infacting, how I love to cough and sneeze, On the carneous culture, to cause bacteria to breed, Anaesthetised, paralysed, a clinical stupor is induced, With callous dexterity your bodily mass is reduced... I extract the gullet - to end up in my bucket, A quick flick of my wrist - and I'll be struck off the list Exanguinating - straigh from the heart, Exenterating - with my lancet so sharp, Anatomically - my surgery maims, Decortication - by the clinically deranged Gross misconduct, I make the choicest cuts, Text book stabs, written on your tag... Wheeled away after a medical mishap, In a polythene bag your body is now wrapped... The acute wound now sealed up, The picture of ill-health, you're a bit cut up...
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