Текст песни Kirlian Camera - Nefertiti One

Invisible Front. 2005
Жанр: Darkwave
Исполнитель: Kirlian Camera
Альбом: Invisible Front. 2005
Длительность: 04:47
Рейтинг: 567
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Загрузил: drakulino


(Year 2005. A small but powerful spaceship called "Nefertiti One", only containing the corpse of a beautiful 33 year-old woman, has been launched to space, for the purpose of making possible extraterrestrial intelligent forms of life admire human beauty at its best. The body has been teatred with CS4BETA2, a revolutionary mummifying process created by the Canada-based firm Innovative Icon Laboratoires. Nefertiti One should be in a position to travel by space one thousand years approximately, before becoming a wreckage lost into eternity) Blue suns, crystal and soundless. Right the third year after departing. Meanwhile, down on the mother, another ape is feeling sad. Lasting fine scent as a human impossible history made by French or Italian liars, tattoed lipstick and grey eyes thrusted in your sculptural mournful sleep. On earth, October's last blossoms are smelling intense filled with life one minute before getting shadows. While like an enemy you're going towards the final empty exile to glorify a far off decline. Your arms today look slighly tanned as maybe stars have touched your skin, going beyond the proof blue crystal. A new world is coming up to your ship tomorrow's dawn will see the shape of a star sanctuary's dream valley.
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