Текст песни Prince - Anna Stesia

Жанр: Funk
Исполнитель: Prince
Альбом: Lovesexy
Длительность: 05:00
Рейтинг: 975
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: LadyLuck


Have U ever been so lonely That U felt like U were the Only one in this world? Have U ever wanted 2 play With someone so much U'd take Any one boy or girl? Chorus Anna Stesia come 2 me Talk 2 me, ravish me Liberate my mind Tell me what U think of me Praise me, craze me Out this space and time Between white and black, night and day Black night seemed like the only way... So I danced Music late, nothing great (Music late, nothing great) No way 2 differentiate (No way 2 differentiate) I took a chance Gregory looks just like a ghost And then a beautiful girl the most Wets her lips 2 say "We could live 4 a little while If U could just learn 2 smile U and I could fly away, fly away" Chorus Maybe, maybe, maybe I could learn 2 love I mean the right way, I mean the only way Perhaps U could show me, baby (show me, baby) Anna Stesia come 2 me Talk 2 me, ravish me Liberate my mind Maybe, maybe, maybe I could learn 2 love If I was just closer 2 somethin' (closer) Closer 2 your higher self I don't know Closer 2 heaven (Maybe) closer 2 God (closer to God) Save me Jesus, I've been a fool How could I forget that U are the rule U are my God, I am Your child From now on, 4 U I shall be wild I shall be quick I shall be strong I'll tell Your story, no matter how long (no matter how... no matter) We're just a play in Your master plan Now, my Lord I understand (I understand) Love is God, God is love Girls and boys love God above {{repeated over chorus}}
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