Текст песни The Dust Junkies - Fever

Driver 2
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: The Dust Junkies
Альбом: Driver 2
Длительность: 04:25
Рейтинг: 795
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Stanny


I got the fever i'm a junkie for the cash, the more i make the more i seem to splash. fast like water through my grip, i couldn't stretch my wage, as far as I could spit.never had time, for morals or gallantries, just pound for pound which pocket my moneys in, i spend my days get'n paid and laid, can't fight the fever and don't want to be saved. you know what i mean, i'm just an addict for the clean green, [yeah!] i get stiff when i hear a money spinner ,i'm only a man if my money clips bigger, then the next man's that's the way it is , it ain't worth a sh*t if you don't get to show it. you'll always hear me cos my money is my mouth, i got a woman but i love my bank account, wouldn't kick the habit if i could, im just low down dirty and no good! I got the fever Yeah I got the fever I got the fever Yeah I got the fever Don't get me wrong I don't work for no fix Just a cool line of cash as how I get my kicks Dont ask for pennies in your pot. I rather hit a slot or a 10-1 shot The best things in life are never free But I know my dough always get's me what I need I do what I do to make it last I'd sell my mother for a buck And my brother for less than half...fever!!! Yeah I got the fever I got the fever Yeah I got the fever [Solo] I got the fever, the fever Like a doggie for the beaver Sniff the clean green,I'm a pro money breeder Straight on the brake It's a rush from the highest stake, It's a mistake, if u don't make, a fat slice of pie keeps me happy But im estastic when the whole thing comes gift wrapped to me Charity begins at the home And I hold onto that like a doggy with a bone Yeah, hold on to that shit nice and tight baby Cos I... I... I... I... I got the fever Yeah I got the fever I got the fever Yeah I got the fever!!!!!!
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