Текст песни CocoRosie - Fairy Paradise

Grey Oceans
Жанр: Neofolk
Исполнитель: CocoRosie
Альбом: Grey Oceans
Длительность: 04:22
Рейтинг: 563
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Загрузил: al9


He draws near the periphery In disbelief on delivery Came child from the deep inferno Crusty head of dead volcano Heartless crow with brittle beak Wooden leg too schocked to speak Lilac dust of a woman's hair A wooden cross a paper prayer A stone where her body lay A stack of feathers a pile of hay A mushroom for an eye ball A mustache from the snow fall Worms weave a ring where fairies square dance Queens and kings fairies weave wigs with eyelash Trance music makes the fairies dance From the caves of snail shells Echoes the mutter medieval spells Mystery flows her wicked river Of thorn and blade and silver sliver Bending 'round the clover fields Their sapling stems don't break but yield Her pain inflicts no arguments Must learn to sway and un-arrange As earth she makes her final passage After humans long have ravaged Vanished with all maps for motion Upward angels last devotion One by one escort us home To leave the elementals free to roam To bathe in the last of ocean's foam To beach comb the nuclear debris Our plastic toys and our metal trees On the perfect day you'll find the breeze Once blew the pollen the feet of bees Now cry the stars when upon the earth Their gaze might rest a nostalgic burst A lament be heard through all the cosmos Of the dying planet with fallen foes
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