Текст песни Front Line Assembly - Victim

Caustic Grip
Жанр: Industrial
Исполнитель: Front Line Assembly
Альбом: Caustic Grip
Длительность: 05:07
Рейтинг: 489
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Загрузил: tolstik88


As the states raid and invade another land Hatred (?) for Sam The Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan Winners goal: To control, be number one Making modern day slaves of everyone That's their plan: To protect, infect (?) brothers in combat To kill another man from another land Man's ashamed being a pawn in the games of a rich gang Another murder in the name of democracy Land of the free with policies of slavery I'm laughing hard - The draft card I watch it burn They want to see my ass dead, well it's his turn That's why they're calling me a communist, a socialist Ain't that a bitch? I'd rather be a commie than a fascist I fight the system of oppression who's profession Is discretion another ? for the possession of money And of course I think I'm funny 'cause I'm worldwide Too many millions are the victims of a genocide I'm going crazy, all I do is see and stand by We're a victim of another fucking homicide So I'm waiting for the day to rush the White House I see a brother kill a punk and take his head out Until that day I'm dedicated to open eyes Organize the revolutionaries of the mind And yet we'll soon the movement reach an apex A lynch mob with a noose for Sam's neck There rests the future for the land that they stole A whole nation built upon the labor of black folk He's gonna pay for his crimes to humanity The ultimate creator of the world's insanity And yes I'll put a rest to the merchant of death With a shotgun blast to his chest We're the victim of a criminal We're the victim of a criminal The victim of a criminal A message so serial I ain't down to be a killer's accomplice Accessory to murder so I fight the resistance System of oppression leaving people with no hope Conspiracy to kill us like the stuff that was all rope At the same time sinner's equility For all nationalities in the midst of brutality - yo Here's the reality while in the United States Four hundred years of hate and the world's highest murder rate I`m too unsteady in the pains of ? Presumed (?) suicide penalty ? (?) struggle Making billions off their brokers (?) and with no shame we`re motivated to rearrange(?) (?) Well no one (?) at his goddamned funeral Not even one individual was the victim of a criminal We're the victim of a criminal We're the victim of a criminal Yeah kick that shit Victim of a criminal Assembled on the front line what yeah A message so serial Dedicated to a world revolution straight up Kickin' that shit Victim of a criminal Yeah you know it's time to kill Straight up yo Sick of that genocide Sick of that man made disease It's a world wide genocide I'm on the side Ain't going out like that Assembled on the front line People oppressed by the world's entire foolery Comin' up layin' it to you Yeah and it ain't no joke Goin' out with nothing but gunsmoke Organizing a world revolution Ten thousand Somalis lie dead in the desert sand Killed by American humanitarians Operation Restore Hope - No hope restored Just another killing field a state of war And just like a rat we never see the attack (?) of their bodies be they brown or black We carry out our regime like some zombies (?) So they believe in every message of the TV screen The newspapers get filled with propaganda and hype But you can't believe anything you see, read or write so you`re slammed up braindead and change the(?) The American Dream becomes the whole world's nightmare Our future home - Nothing but a war of the classes All of the masses versus the fascists These are just the (?) THere ain't much time to find that We're the victim of a criminal We're the victim of a criminal We're the victim of a criminal A messa
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