Текст песни Vinnie Paz - No Spiritual Surrender (feat. Sick Jacken)

Season of the Assassin
Жанр: Rap / Hardcore Rap / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Vinnie Paz
Альбом: Season of the Assassin
Длительность: 03:38
Рейтинг: 904
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Загрузил: g1ant


Vinnie Paz - No Spiritual Surrender Lyrics Artist: Vinnie Paz Album: Season Of The Assassin Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Send "No Spiritual Surrender" Ringtone to your Cell Listen while you read! (*Prod. by DJ Muggs) [** feat. Sick Jacken:] [Verse 1:] I don't know why y'all scared now, this ain't a new game* Christians been raping children over in Ukraine I don't indulge in small talk, it's only true pain I don't divulge the plan ahk, I fuck with Hussein Acid is falling from the sky, fuck a new reign This is a flammable liquified gas butane Muggs gave me audio heroin, hit the blue vein I ain't even Vinnie no more, Evil my new name I'm like Elijah Muhammad carrying thoughts afar Laws of nature and mathematical charts of god I'm taking everything letting you faggot authors starve War criminals are becoming the arbiters of law And y'all are fouler than swallowing pork Real talk, free speech under foreign assault And y'all are burying your head in the dirt The heavy metal king hold big shit, hit your head with the lock [Chorus: ~Sick Jacken~] This shit is (raw), the Jedi Mind's (raw) It's war with the metaphor and you ain't seen a storm before You ain't Pac, get the fuck out of the underground floor It's over, homie you ain't got no love anymore Do it (raw), the Psychorealm's (raw) This war's gonna end all, you ain't seen a storm before I ain't taking this shit no more We approach with a white skull when we assassinating y'all [Verse 2:] I'm the father of anything that's been done before I was sparring with you, I ain't even begun the war I like darkness, I don't know what the sun is for Y'all have small hammers, y'all must be the son of Thor Don't need hands, telepathically the gun will draw That's the reason that you motherfuckers is running for I saw the angel Gabriel y'all who we coming for Y'all lock your part the same hell when I confronted y'all I can ascend without any physical death I can repent without any physical breath To me it's not a discussion it's invisible chess And if the vodka not Russian then it ain't hitting the chest I can talk about guns, drugs, deading your shit I can talk about the Torah and dimensional shifts The power of the almighty is what's sent through my lips The power of the almighty when the sentinel spits [Repeat Chorus:] [Verse 3:] I'm the complete rapper, the seventh son of the beast master My heart is bigger than anyone and it beats faster I'm a fucking king getting better with each chapter Kiss the fucking ring, you'd better agree bastard A sucker MC like to think [? ] classic I'm not a fucking star yet but the seed planted Energy of god head, Vinnie P tantric I'm capable of levitating and speak Sanskrit Yeah, and that's all part of the perfect machine Part of perfect precision, part of the perfect regime Part of purpose and the part of the work on my Deen Perform wudhu make salah now the surface is clean Everything meticulous, Vinnie's work is pristine Fuck with me you'll take a trip under earth with the queen I give a fuck about a critic, I'm searching for cream My shit is filled with hollow tips so it bursts in ya spleen [Repeat Chorus:] Read more at
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