Текст песни Eminem - Untitled (Here We Go) (скрытый трек)

Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Eminem
Альбом: Recovery
Длительность: 03:15
Рейтинг: 9988
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ag94


[Intro] You don't own me, don't try to change me (Nah man, I'm not quite finished yet) [Verse One] Girl, I think you just mighta tried to pull a muthaf**kin' fast one, I'm mad You just hurt my g**damn feelin' and that was the last one I had Does this look like an arcade, tryna play games, see this saw blade? See this silhouette of a stalker in your walkway? Better cooperate Or get sauteed and rotisseried, while you're hog-tied MC's get so quiet you can hear a muthaf**kin' dog whistle when I walk by Colt Seavers on a mule, stuntin' on that a** like the f**kin' Fall Guy I don't gas my Mercedes after midnight, I treat it like a Mogwai Cause it will turn into a Gremlin and run over kids, women and men Vrinn-vrinn, motor so big, you fit a midgit in his engine B**ch give me them digits, why you cringin'? Not by the hair On my chinny-chin-chin will I spend-spend even ten cents on you Since when do you think it's gonna cost me a pretty penny? Sh** if I think a penny's pretty, just imagine how beautiful a quarter is to me Eeny-meeny-miney-mo, catch an Eskimo by his toe, while he's tryna roll a snowball But don't make him lose his cool, if he hollers better let him go y'all, cause [Chorus] You don't own me (Now here we go, go, go!) [Verse Two] Get up baby, get a move on like a U-Haul, you can rack your brain like pool balls You won't ever think of this sh**, yeah honey you called Well here I come, Havoc on the beat I wreak it, evil I see, hear and speak it Lady put your money on Shady, f**k that other weak sh** Put your eggs in the same basket, you can count every muthaf**kin' chicken 'fore it hatches cause you can bet your a** that, we gon' get it crackin' Like the Kraken and Titans when they're clashin', get your brains bashed in So bad you gon' have Kurt Cobain askin' to autograph a blood-stained napkin Unfashionable and 'bout as rational as a rash on a f**'s a**hole Now let's take that line, run it up the flagpole with Elton See if he's cool with it, don't stand there and look stupid at me B**ch, I ain't in the mood for this sh**, get my d**k, Google it 'til it pops up, y'all are so muthaf**kin' full of sh** that you're stopped up Me I'm always sh**tin' diarrhea of the mouth 'til your speakers crap out, huh, what? Girl you got a hot butt like a lit cigarette, chig-chigga-ret chigga But you won't get a hot fudge sundae from me, so do not strut my way s**t, because [Chorus] [Verse Three] And now that I got your panties in a bunch and your bowels in an uproar I'ma show you why I came, so you stop askin' me what the f**k for Now look you little s**t c**t w**re, I know you want more B**ch it's time to put the "math" back in the Mathers cause I'm a f**kin' problem, run boy Every flow got it mastered, so every last word that you f**kin' f**s heard Comes straight from the fish's a**, yeah in other words I'm a bass-turd Lookin' at me like I killed Kenny, gas in the tank, yeah still plenty No morals are instilled in me, so remorse I really don't feel any Eat your heart out Hannibal, understandable why you're jealous, f**k an animal I got cannibal magnetism can't resist him now can ya, h**? Shady I don't understand your flow, understand my flow? B**ch I flow like Troy Polamalu's hair boy, don't you dare try to follow or compare, boy I'm raw, you ain't even medium-rare, stay the f**k out of my hair, boy You can look, you can stare, point but you can't touch, I'm to clairvoyant I don't get it man, is there a void all this weak sh**? What am I steroids? Well, b**ch I'm back with some sh** for that a** and your trunk, Elephant hemorrhoids, and remember boys
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