Текст песни I Declare War - New Age Holocaust

Жанр: Brutal Deathcore
Исполнитель: I Declare War
Альбом: Malevolence
Длительность: 02:58
Рейтинг: 662
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Tyk4ek


One nation one government. Pure tyranny is at hand. They want us to go unheard.They want us to go unheard. But this is the truth behind the front lines. The New World Order is taking over the world in which we live.Trying to purify a master race. Just like the Nazis in the 1940s. Only our blood will be on their hands.Our blood is on their hands. WAKE THE FUCK UP. IT'S ALL AROUND US. Homosexual bashing, police brutality.We are simply repeating our history. When will we make a change? To overthrow our oppressive government. That cashes in, on human suffering. X 3 Who are you to judge someone else's fate? Who are you to decide who can procreate? THIS IS THE FUCKING END.
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