Текст песни Cryptopsy - Dead And Dripping

None So Vile
Жанр: Death Metal
Исполнитель: Cryptopsy
Альбом: None So Vile
Длительность: 03:53
Рейтинг: 645
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Загрузил: Yuzi


Matriarchal piety disturbed at their Vespers. Sisterly society feels the stifling whispers... Anger of the dead-at-sea denied proper Interment, Dumped overboard summarily, washed down In a current. Sepulchral consideration... Wrathful omen... Dog removed from the casket, Dead and dripping. First stage of disintegration... Piecemeal Decomposition Of the indignant deceased, submerged for What reason? Parchedness of living throats and mouths Has cracked some tongues But attempts to slake their thirst (only) Leads to soaking lungs. Hearts are heavy, minds are numb, souls Oppressed... Supernatural siege upon the landlocked Dead. Baptism in netherfluids In their crypts, (but) Suffocating dryness in the catacombs. Mad at thirst, they dry To draw sustenance From a burial mound; Necrophagous fails, Aridity ends lives, More wet corpses found. Watery warfare, and in its mist, The forsaken Who cry for them, the bridges of The flaccid god. Intone a funeral rosary... Blessed morbid murmur To hopefully placate the dead and End the curse of moisture.
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